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    Weaver Store Appearance Glitch

    So I broke down and bought the Brown Hairy Spider Appearance out of the Lotro store...looks sort of like a beefier Hairy Ambusher Appearance. Problem is, my spider pet will NOT change to this skin no matter what I do. (It stays in the default skin) Logging out won't fix it, neither will resummoning or retraiting the appearance. Are we really gonna have to wait for Turbine to get around to fixing a store bought appearance?

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    This isn't the only one that has this issue with the pet. The Anniversary skin they fixed in the latest patch, the pet seems to bounce between the "default" appearance and the incorrect skin that was on the weavers before the update.

    My guess is you'll have to wait, but /bug it regardless and they'll probably get around to it Soon (tm).
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