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    Post Compendium of the Ettenmoors - Tips to Creeps

    Those silly freeps have one so why shouldn`t we?


    I`ll start

    Reaver`s role:

    MOST IMPORTANT:1,2 and 3.

    1.Follow TA.

    2.Srsly follow the TA! You`re not a CC/healer/cannon fodder(not anymore !).

    3.Use DS(devastating strike) as soon as the target drops below 50%,that inc.healing debuff can make a difference between a dead mini and a full morale one.

    4.Try to use combo skills like Ravage+Gut Punch /R+disarm/Thrash+GP/T+D ( it cuts the animation hence you can use more skills in less time).You can keep your disarm for healing rks.

    5.Throw Dust everytime it`s off cd (it can save your fellow healers from 3-4-5k crits/devs if missed).

    6.If you have impale your burst DPS is doubled.Try to land as many bleeds as you can(4 bleeds=100% increased dmg on skill).I`ll post my rotation: 1st bleed should be Lacerate since it has the longest duration(20 secs) and lowest cd (8 seconds I think) then you can either Jagg Cut(make sure you have the trait for bleed) or Thrash(this is pottable so make sure you throw dust or UH before, if you have it),and finally Mutilation(10 sec duration).After you apply your bleeds spam Impale asap,it should drop your target to half then DS).Sure,you can throw some combos I talked about earlier in between bleeds( the long duration ones).

    7.Have fun! You play the Baddest-As$ed( is that a word?) class.

    Thats all I could think of at the moment,of course there`s also the slow skill,but I`d rather have BA`s do it since its -40% and on lower cd),or Sundering Blow(-armour debuff) but these are less important.Feel free to share your personal opinion about the Reaver`s role in Group situations.

    There`s also a more detailed guide about Reavers here:


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    Looks like meat's back on the menu boys!



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