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    Post Compendium of the Ettenmoors - Tips to Creeps

    Those silly freeps have one so why shouldn`t we?


    I`ll start

    Reaver`s role:

    MOST IMPORTANT:1,2 and 3.

    1.Follow TA.

    2.Srsly follow the TA! You`re not a CC/healer/cannon fodder(not anymore !).

    3.Use DS(devastating strike) as soon as the target drops below 50%,that inc.healing debuff can make a difference between a dead mini and a full morale one.

    4.Try to use combo skills like Ravage+Gut Punch /R+disarm/Thrash+GP/T+D ( it cuts the animation hence you can use more skills in less time).You can keep your disarm for healing rks.

    5.Throw Dust everytime it`s off cd (it can save your fellow healers from 3-4-5k crits/devs if missed).

    6.If you have impale your burst DPS is doubled.Try to land as many bleeds as you can(4 bleeds=100% increased dmg on skill).I`ll post my rotation: 1st bleed should be Lacerate since it has the longest duration(20 secs) and lowest cd (8 seconds I think) then you can either Jagg Cut(make sure you have the trait for bleed) or Thrash(this is pottable so make sure you throw dust or UH before, if you have it),and finally Mutilation(10 sec duration).After you apply your bleeds spam Impale asap,it should drop your target to half then DS).Sure,you can throw some combos I talked about earlier in between bleeds( the long duration ones).

    7.Have fun! You play the Baddest-As$ed( is that a word?) class.

    Thats all I could think of at the moment,of course there`s also the slow skill,but I`d rather have BA`s do it since its -40% and on lower cd),or Sundering Blow(-armour debuff) but these are less important.Feel free to share your personal opinion about the Reaver`s role in Group situations.

    There`s also a more detailed guide about Reavers here:


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    Nice, Burzan!

    I want to see tips for Warleaders!!!
    I'll roll one in Riddermark with friends from old kin (cheap basterds that will roll Freavers).

    I'll say one thing about wargs (weavers too) that gets me as a freep: you don't need to pounce at the start of the fight... if your group has dps, pounce a healer when the target focused hits 50%... or the target itself! A stun right at that moment is a death sentence.
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    Great idea Burz! Here's my two cents on the the Stalker.

    What is your role in a raid? Harassment. You are the thrice-cursed creep that always pops up the wrong time and screws everything up (from the freep perspective). Your primary objective, unless your raid leader says otherwise, is to burn down squishies, finish off low health targets, and harass healers. The last point is important; you attempt to dps healers enough to get them to worry about healing themselves and not their fellows. How does one accomplish this effectively?

    1: Before I officially begin, I'll start by stating a shocking concept: you are not there to get KBs. Let's face it, you have all the durability of a wet paper bag with just enough firepower in the face of a fraid to take out The Bird. Sure I'm using hyperbole, but it's true; all you do is jump in, nip a few heels, and get out intact to do it all over again.

    2: Stun healers as often as possible. But Ark, wargs only have two stuns! (three counting Disappear+Pounce) True, but you have a chance (25% I believe) to stun a crippled target with Pounce. Keep in mind that using Savage Fangs for the bleed will remove the chance for a Pounce stun. Needless to say, use this knowledge to your advantage whenever possible.

    3: ALWAYS KEEP THE TARGET CRIPPLED!!! The second that freep comes out of stun, it will try to get away from you, and using Crippling Bite will greatly help you keep pace. Sadly, this is a skill many wargs neglect; yours truly is not an exception.

    4: Keep healers, especially Minstrels, silenced! I was taking my mini on a tour of the Barrow-Downs once, and was silenced by a Barghest. Just like that, 95% of my skill bar went grey. Granted, minis can heal their silences, but those few seconds you bought with Throat Rip might just have been enough to screw up its rotation.

    5: Use Flea Bitten. This AOE skill will slow down freep attack speed and inductions. You wanna annoy those healers? Use Flea Bitten.

    6: Rabid Bite. Apply on Power-challenged classes (ahem, Wardens, Burgers, and Huntards nothing personal!). This skill saw a good boost in functionality after RoR. Case in point: use it.

    7: Interrupt inductions with Eye Rake and Pounce. No duh.... But seriously, whenever you see a healer start an induction, some freep is gonna get his health bar reset....

    8: Grow a backbone. Use Disappear to get a guaranteed stun when necessary. Yes, you will most likely end up in the morgue, but you should be prepared to give your life in service to the Eye. If it takes Disappear to stun that pesky RK and thereby win the day at the cost of your worthless hide, do it.

    One last note: as a stealth class,


    Fact of life. Be prepared to get targeted the second you pop out of stealth.

    To recap, focus on harassing the freeps' healers by utilising your good burst dps, debuffs, and your stunning good looks. That is, unless you bought that terribly hideous saddle/banner skin. Seriously, what were they thinking....

    P.S: Please note that this post was typed for Shadow Wargs. I may or may not do a Flayer post due to my limited experience in that stance.

    P.P.S: As a human, I realize that I may have left out an important point or two, or three. If so, please don't hesitate to call me out on it. We have a lot of greenie wargs who have no idea how to play the most awesome class invented; let's help 'em out.

    That being said, I'll see y'all out on the battlefield!

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    Tip for creeps, never underestimate the arrogance and or sheer stupidity of the freep player.My best advice to creeps is as a warg, get into a pack or a duo makes things go much better. However solo is a fun style, cant really do it on crick due to numbers. So quick bullets:

    1. be honest about the class: its burst dps, if you try and tank you will decrease your odds of a kill.
    2. Play the class as intended: Hand and hand with 1, you pick off the weak get in burst damage and get the hell out.
    3. Dont worry about what other people think: Never ever be ashamed of running to survive, freeps can kill you several ways surviving is a skill as a warg (see item 2)
    4. never under estimate the crit: freeps crit more then you. if you can hang in there fine keep going but chances are they will crit before you do.
    5. Move: always stay on the move.
    6. Dont camp one player: Ill take a few kills from a camp but be cool, let them out.
    7. Dont gank 1v1's. Even if its a &&&&&& bag and there are plenty on crick, dont gank 1v1's thats someone elses fight let them win or loose it.
    8. Follow TA: your dps not a debuff. Follow the dps TA even if your in the middle of the freep ball.
    9. embrace death: wargs are squishy, we die fast in targeted fire. ITs okay, even when freeps are loling at you for dying its no big deal.
    10. Rarely, but from time to time be gracious. (you figure this one out on your own).

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    Apparently everyone plays warg hah. Anyways if you wanna end up like my warg here's basically what I do with this rather dumbed down class from when I started.

    Shadow- what I almost always use. I trait for corruptions 2x morale 2x damage and 2x crit at the moment. kinda experimental, goal is killing faster especially with all the lovely new &&&& freeps got. you can't outtank them if you don't out dps, you get a infamyless trip to a rez circle.

    Step 1 on being a warg. learn to move and be positional. if your not behind them your robbing yourself of massive dps. you do not stand face to face and attack as they attack. I don't care what class they are unless they are worse then terrible you lose. try to throw off inductions, and slow down their attacks as they try to keep up with you. don't just move 1 way if they smart they figure it out. stun often, easiest time to get 100% positional and really stack up the damage.

    Step 2. As I spend most of my time jumping groups by myself. the key is getting a kill before your kill gets healed and you get nothing. this gets harder and harder but is still possible as many new freeps can probably testify to. so step 1 of 2 is pick the squishiest target. if he has SI hope they don't keep it up and wait for it to wear off. step 2 do as much damage as possible in the quickest time. I typically pounce, claws, rend, eye rake (speeds rend) claws maul. if still alive I land the slow as he comes out of the stun. chase him down using claws rend and maul. but usually he dies as he comes out of the stun. determine what rotation you can get the most dps out of fastest, that is mine.

    Step 3. if you wanna solo your gonna die alot. you have to accept your deaths but here's the thing, I don't like dying unless I get the kill too. as time goes on you will get better and better at determining if the kill is gonna happen or not, that is your key to staying in or getting out, always exception. annoying cappy bubbles/heals but you can get better at guessing the outcome before the fight is over.

    Step 4 big part of gameplay for me is camping rezzes/commonly used paths. I recommend every warg trait enhanced sprint and all 3 run speed traits. convenient for catching freeps, and gives you an advantage in fights, cuz your slow is 25% even if your 30% slowed your still faster then them, big help. SO whole point of this point is catching the running freeps. if they don't have SI do it with pounce, if they do have SI (or are a burg and you don't want find footing) use eye rake. those are your 2 skills that dismount. if you have howl of the unnerving and you didn't quite get in melee range when sprint ends, I use that. 50% chance to fear which will dismount them. after that you just have to win

    Step 5. master your rotation as a warg as you fight more and more freeps. I cannot stress enough know everything your class can do, and know when to use everything. often the difference between winning and losing is what you use. example. today I was fighting a rk, we were both dropping fast, but I was tired and just out of it, and I hit the wrong skill. didn't do the 1200 damage I coulda instead put a debuff which didn't help at that point. different classes you need different things I suggest learning to fight all, even the ones that seem impossible to beat *glares at mini and wardens*

    Not gonna comment much on raids grouping, I am what many call a goldtagger most of the time. occasionally I join the group but I much prefer using the distracting the rvr causes to pick off the squishy hunter in the back. but warg is a excellent class for grouping or solo, solo is harder and harder but still possible. find what works for you and have fun with it. we need more good wargies

    P.S if no one else posts other classes I play or I have anything to add to others I play I will do so later
    R8 RK, R8 champ, R7 burg, R8 warden. R13 warg, R10 spider, R9 reaver, R8 Warleader R6 BA

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    Rabble Rousers!

    I - You are by far the most group-reliant character out there. Always stay grouped with atleast one person.

    II - You're treated as a Bull's Eye by most of our friendly neightbours. Never stand still somewhere for too long.

    III - The balance between Health/Critical Defense is the key for the survival. Forget masteries, Mitigation traits and all the useless stuff. The longer you stay up, the longer your allies are dealing more damage and being healed, therefore a much more interesting outcome.

    IV - Pay attention on your group composition and see which aura(Aura of Command or Aura of Protection) fits better for them!

    V - Don't expect to out heals group and fights easily. You're a group burst-type of healer, meaning you'll be able to dish out Insane amounts of healing in short periods (see Get a Grip!, Quit Whining and Fight! and Quitters Never Win) but won't ever be able to sustain heals on longer fights. Leave that for the defilers.

    VI - Shield-bash is your best friend! Use it everytime that pesky warden (shap) tries to debuff your incoming healing. It's great to give you enough gap for a fast heal like Crack the Whip.

    VII - Be sure to trait Lead The Charge!. Instant-cast Command Post/Point Defense and in-combat Banners of Terror/Horror are nice to control positional fightning.

    VIII - Even though Commander's Stance is almost mandatory in group situations, Brawler's Stance allows you a more mobile playstyle, which should not be ignored at all.

    IX - Don't forget to shout (Menacing Roar, Black Speech, Intimidating Shout) to unlock Power of Fear procs. This allow you for an easy non-casted heal, which helps you out on those tight situations. A must when blowing Quitters Never Win.

    Extra Info: Aura of Protection Effect is outdated on lotro-wiki. it does give you a hefty armour bonus along with+5% max morale.
    The Shield-bash pick was taken on Brawler's Stance (the original cooldown is 20 seconds).
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    The best thing on creepside are the emotes.

    Roll a warg just for the /rude nothing beats lifting a leg up on a dead freep corpse. /faint is hilarious /sleep is cute /roar you howl
    Spider /pose /fidget /dance is cute

    /rude for all other class is realy rude

    freeps might have /heropose and silly stuff but creeps have the best emotes in middle earth.



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