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    Missing recipes?

    I couldn't find a bug forum, so I figured this might be the second best place to mention it, but since update 10, all of my master tier guild recipes seem to be missing. They are still known, if I visit a crafting guild, but they're just not in my crafting menu at all anymore. There's no drop down for them. This goes for my jeweler, my metalsmith, and I believe my tailor as well. Its only the master tier, and only guild recipes from what I can gather. (Which includes Heavy Armor (Guild), Gemstones (Guild), Jewelry (Guild) etc)

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    There have been occasional reports of character corruption for many months. In these situations the affected character losses one or more of the following:

    1) Inventory items
    2) Learned recipes
    3) Items out of the wallet - green - account shared items are what I remember reading
    4) Active quest log - all quests are cancelled.
    5) Stuff in the stoage like housing chests - vault - shared storage - wardrobe
    6) A number of other can not explain losses.

    My personal opinion there is something wrong in the character load and save functionality. Or perhaps the character data itself got messed up and the auto repair functionality fixed it by deleting everything in the corrupted part of the character data. Since all character live on an account, there is always possibility that it is an account level corruption which results in the removal of all data for every character on the account for the specific area.

    Over the yearsworking in software development, I've had to investigate a lot of database degradation issues in real time systems. It is a big problem for persistent systems like telecommunications, banking, social security and games. Games are developed on shoe strings, baling wire and bubble gum. Every game I've played has data corruption and loss issues. You hope you are not the customer singled out for torment. Or if you are affected the issue is easy to recover from. Or the game operator will compensate for your loss.
    Unless stated otherwise, all content in this post is My Personal Opinion.

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    Wow, I wasn't expecting such a well thought out and written response! Though, it doesn't seem to be ALL of them, after looking through each character individually. My tailor seems to be okay. The strangest part is that the recipes weren't simply removed. I still technically 'know' them, when I go to the guild to try and buy them again, and trying to learn them again just results in an error message that tells me they're already known.

    The entire drop down menu for those recipes is simply gone without a trace! I /bug-'d it, but I'm not sure that will actually solve my issue so much as make them aware that the bug exists (If they ever get around to reading it!) I may consider opening an actual ticket. But I'm not sure how much further that will get me.



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