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    when a hunter can finish off a 3-man by tanking a t2 boss for 20-30 seconds in a glass cannon build something is horribly wrong. My hunter even took a number of seconds of sammy in his face and lived easily. I remember at 75 that a 3-man instance boss coming after you was a recipe for a insta-gank. Seems that is no longer the case.
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    Dev Team Revamp?

    If you dont think that the Updated/new content from U10 is good, then you need to get out of the pony for a while and do real raiding. Doing OD T2 lv 65 was a pain even with a full lv 75 group. Raids are a joke now, the are easier and shorter than skirmishes (which were meant to be shorter than instances or raids). The only thing that needs a revamp is Dev Team. I tweeted them and told them that they are killing the game!. If you like easy content, then go play legos or something like that, the reason for playing a game is the challenge, and there isnt any.

    They abused 1 boss raids, they are too damn easy, what happened to those long-hard runs? that required locks like CD or Rift?

    You, Devs, should stop trolling us and do things right. Remember: Raids require 12-man because they are supposed to be hard

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    Quote Originally Posted by chulic View Post
    Ok, Mr glory champ, i dare u to upload sth tc2 solo on your champ, youtube it and give us link.

    i know you asked the other guy, but here is me soloing stoneheight t2c on my champ. little bit sloppy but good enough to win. enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Castorix View Post
    SH is harder. I only tried at 81 recently (78 max before U10), it was ok, and I will test 85, but not sure I can, because I'm also very often stunned by bats, and can be killed by them if there are too many (others bosses are easy)
    I could solo SH T1 at 85, but not easy : I had to run to retrieve my bubbles when there were too many bats and used many Aoe to kill them progressively.
    But at least it is still a challenge... (it should be a challenge with 3 people, where only the T2C is rather hard (we failed with a friend warden, constantly stunned)
    As my max was 78 before U10, I could say I won 6-7 levels with U10, my gear being just a bit better (a 1A LI + a gold item (Champ shoulders))
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