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    Best Use of a Greater Sigil of Power

    So I have come across another greater sigil of power and I don't know how I should use it. I had two earlier and used it on Enhanced blight and enhanced flies for my defiler are those are the two most important skills. Now I am not sure what the most importatn skills for other creep classes are. Would the sigil be better used on a spider, BA or WL and if so what enhances skill should I det them.

    Basically what should I use a sigil on for each class.

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    It's going to depend, really. What class do you play (or favor) more after your defiler? I'd approach it from that angle (that is if you don't want to use the Sigil for a cosmetic).
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    Quote Originally Posted by xxforcardassia View Post
    (that is if you don't want to use the Sigil for a cosmetic).
    This is the best use for a Greater Sigil. You have to look good while dying, otherwise what's the point of playing LotRO?
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