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Thread: Experience Bar

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    Experience Bar

    The exp bar used to show the total exp you had earned e.g total exp earned / total exp needed for next level.
    It now shows exp earned this level/ exp needed for next level

    A bit badly explained but it used to show for example 500,000/550,000 but now shows 0/50,000

    It's a bit petty but does anyone know how to change it back? I can't find anything in the options menu

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    the info your looking for now just shows up in chat window after you get exp.
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    I know that I'm just wondering if it's possible to show it on the exp bar instead

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    Quote Originally Posted by ItaOperor View Post
    I know that I'm just wondering if it's possible to show it on the exp bar instead

    Turbine would have to develop an option for the XP bar and some point after completion of this option, we would get it via a game update. I doubt that is likely to happen. Turbine is not much into providing options. Generally they change the game for everyone.
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    Cheers for the reply

    I can understand why they changed it it's just a shame they couldn't make it an option like the morale/power bar

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    I found the old bar somewhat redundant and Turbine did too, so they changed it. I prefer the new bar, especially being able to hover the mouse over the bar to see the exact amount of XP I need to level.
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