Club Eclair - a club of players maintaining a low level so as to role-play through adventures - will be starting some Old Forest patrols next Saturday.

The current level cap for Club Eclair is 11th Level. Them who will be going into the Old Forest are currently staying at the Golden Perch in Stock on the Shire side of the river, but will be meeting at the Buckland stables to start their patrols.

The patrols start at first light - the first in-game *dawn* following 1:00 PM ((Eastern time)) on Saturday March 16th.

If you like roleplay adventures, and have a character Level 11 or lower, you're free to join us.

You can reach us in-game on the user channel 'club-eclair' ((/joinchannel club-eclair))

You can get a better idea of what Club Eclair does by visiting this thread: