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Thread: Oceanic Server?

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    Oceanic Server?

    Hi, I am new to LotRO and I read on the wiki that this is/was the oceanic server. I was wondering if that is true because where I live's time is really out of sync with NA times and it sucks when no one is around to play with when you want to. Could you confirm/deny that this is the oceanic server and please let me know if it isn't which one is if you could. Thank you in advance!

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    It is the unofficial oceanic server. An expansion is due in the next few days so activity might be low until then.

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    while I can't answer your question exactly-

    things to keep in mind- what time (your time) you are usually able to play...then look for some server closer to your time (and that is completely jumping around any language issues)

    some 20 years ago- I played an online game called 'air warrior' - we had players from Europe to west coast of the US and some even further west....at the time I lived on the east coast of the us- so most folks I played with would think I would hang w/the European/east coast players- however- I worked midnight shift at the time-(2300-0730)- I spent more time playing with west coasters than any eastcoasters/Europeans...because most of my flying was done in the time after I got off work.

    so- (my mind is mush-I used to figure this stuff out in my head) but anyhow- figure out your most normal playing time based on the server time- then work from there.....

    good luck and have fun!

    (and yes- my first online action was a flight combat sim played on 14.4 modems)

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    As others have said it's the unofficial Oceanic server (though the server it's self is physically located in Boston MA). There is a large population of Aussies and Kiwis as well as other people in the Asia-pacific region. There is also a healthy US population on the server, hence Elendilmir's reputation as the server that never sleeps
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