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    How do I select a player that has said something in the chat window?

    I've joined the GLFF channel and I notice that from time to time people will give away items that they don't need. Sometimes it's a great item that would be perfect for my character, but literally within seconds the person that offered it will type in chat that the item is now gone because someone was able to respond so quickly.

    The thing is I can't for the life of me figure out how they are able to respond so quickly. Is there a way to select someone in the chat interface that I'm missing? I can't see any shortcut to being able to quickly send someone a message using the chat window? Or, is there some other thing that I'm missing here?

    Thanks for your help with this!

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    You can right-click on the player's name in the chat window and choose Chat > Send Tell or Chat > Start IM Session. (Both accomplish the same thing, the second option simply switches the active chat tab to the IMs tab at the same time.)

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    Sometimes people say FTFT (free to first tell) and others might simply type 'tell' in glff. That works too, usually, and quicker than sending a /tell.
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