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    School at Tham Bug?

    So I dont know how to explain it but i'm going to try my best to explain what happened at least 4 times today while farming for seals. It is possible to get 6 seals in this instance rather than 3. i have the screenshot to prove it. All I know is that if two people are taking care of the bookshelves, and one player leaves fellowship but not the instance before the 10th bookshelf activates, the second player can go to the last remaining bookshelf and activate it and get credit for the quest twice. i really dont know how else to describe it but here is a screenshot of proof you can get 6 seals.

    ScreenShot00000 by LJCPhotos, on Flickr

    as you can see, someone left fellowship at 9 shelves extinguished, and i got credit, went to do the 10th and got credit again. Just bringing this to light. dont hate on me please!

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    /bug it. I would also recommend you not to do that again, as it would probably be counted as exploiting.
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    It seems bug reports really don't help a lot with this game. Since yesterday evening, its near to impossible to login on gwaihir.
    More or less the whole server is bug using with this instance, and the log on server broke down completly.
    It was clear that this bug will come to the light sooner or later and turbine had done nothing to prevent this happen.
    So were we are now?? Is the player base on our server totaly corrupt and out of their minds, or has the game finaly got to the point where it doesn't matter any more and developer really don't care any more.
    The whole loot system is now (like 2 weeks ago with the raids) and a few months ago (with BG) totaly shifted to people use everything possible to get an advantage - also bugusing.

    So Turbine what will happen with the players who purposely simulate a disconnect to get 30 seals out of school and therefore crash the login servers of gwaihir so normal players cant even login?

    i am really looking forward to your answer!

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    Ive bugged this numerous times, plus been in 15 PuG groups each have said they would do this method, of course i left.

    Its disheartening that you see the same people selling 1st agers ever other day making a fortune due to exploiting, those who exploit it should be banned.
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    Sad to see. Yesterday I joined a PUG that was doing a similar sort of exploit in Glinghant that allowed you to get credit for the challenge without actually doing the challenge. I guess when you turn the game into such a grindy farmfest people will do whatever it takes to make it quicker/easier.

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    Just a few things I noticed between your post and the screenshot.

    It seems you're the one collecting the bugged flaming parchment things

    It's during the boss fight

    You're being told in a tell as 10/10 is collected "you got your stuff."

    Seems like you really did it intentionally and maybe worse than you described. Guilt perhaps causing a more innocent sounding post?

    Just what I see

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    posting exploits on the forums is not a good idea. /bug it in game instead.
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    As if that would make any difference! bugged more than 20 times more than a week ago - nothing happened

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torga View Post
    As if that would make any difference! bugged more than 20 times more than a week ago - nothing happened
    Bug fixes do not happen immediately. Even if it gets assigned to someone immediately and they can solve the problem in minutes and can be tested in a few hours it might be weeks or months before the fix gets deployed. Any change in the code, even a single character requires that they shut the servers down. They try and do that as little as possible.

    I don't understand why people think that bug fixes should happen as soon as they file them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Torga View Post
    As if that would make any difference! bugged more than 20 times more than a week ago - nothing happened
    The only fix Turbine can implement quickly is to disable the instance so that nobody can run it. Deliver a fix within a few weeks like what was done with Lonely Mountain.

    The last big exploit in School took Turbine around 9 months to fix. It was possible to run the instance once. Cycle characters thru the instance to get your reward. Each new arrvial could do the books.
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