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    unable to raise my max power

    I have a level 40 minstrel and it seems to be maxed out at 2847 power. Any type of jewellery or armour will not raise it any further, nor will my tale of heroism buff. Is this a technical error or am I maxed out for the time being? Thanks.

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    After this latest update, Will no longer increases Max Power. I would recommend to instead focus on Fate and ICPR, instead of max power for the time being. As far as I can tell (only got to play my minstrel for 1 hour last night) there is no way to raise your max power.

    Hope it helps!

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    From what I understand, power has turned into a fixed value, whereas you will get an increase for every level you gain. Will doesn't grant you additional power anymore, so its better to focus on fate for better ICPR. For Mini's and other classes that were reliant on Will pre-U10, they get a bigger boost to power for every level then, say, a captain or a warden. Again, I may be wrong, but that's what I've figured out so far after skimming through the patch notes.

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    The only way to raise your power is to use virtues or gear that actually give +# power. As the others have said, Will no longer affects your max power.
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    I don't know if I would focus solely on fate, though, as will increases your tactical mastery, which in turn makes you damage and heal better.
    Fate will increase your crit chance, and increase the magnitude of those crits.
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    Most likely won't have to do much for fate. My mini is 85 now, so can't speak for lower levels, but at cap they're pretty much inexhaustible at the moment. Some classes will have to build in more fate(guardian power is a pain right now and no vit heavy gear seems to have made it into the u10 loot lists). Enjoy your smaller yet seemingly infinite power pool. Build for more mastery, crit, crit defense, mits, morale, whatever you please.



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