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    Are you happy with unlimited ammo supply since U10?

    Are you minstrels happy with the U10 changes?

    - before U10 ... power management was one of the diferences between a good/experienced healer and a healer.
    - before U10 ... mittigations (tactical) was also one of the diferences. Dont tell me it was easy ... to be able to cap the tact mitt you had to do some sacrifices.

    Mates, this is hilarious. I have 571 fate and my ICPR is around 3,7k or so. I did my best to try to use at least half of power, but it was not possible. I was not able to loose more than 2k of my power. Inspire Fellows is now 270 power from 700. Before U10, AoE healing was not the best option, but now it is. *Lucky* (cough) we got since RoI the Inspire Fellows at 5 sec cd, because, without this, we would be able to only spam this skill.
    Relying on Raise of The Spirit .. .you had to have the legacy on LI, the trait and being able to affort the amount of power which was not the best heal/power ratio. Now ... why not?!?
    Who need LM's now? Soon some of our skills useless atm will be changed to our personal antistun and in that moment we are free.
    And the most hilarious, tryied to dps a dummy until my power is gone, with no pots and composture in WS. After 5 min i got bored ...

    So i wonder, why to make it so easy? What is the use of the:
    - Tale of the Elements
    - Power of song (Watcher of Resolve trait)
    - Absolute Pitch (The Protector of Song)
    - Lyrics of Bravery (The Protector of Song)
    - Flow of Harmony (The Protector of Song)
    - coda effect under Anthem of Composture (and btw, this was not a *reduced effect*, was cutting a half since now the Vigour of Coda effect is 128 from 228 power restore/2 sec/20 sec.) Anyway, who need him now?
    - Healing power cost legacy from weapon ...?
    - Pots? Wow, more free space in my inventory now. No more pots and regen food.

    To end it, i feel that some of my tactics need to be changed now. A lot. Less work for our power management and traiting ... shortly this game will became WoW. Clean and simple. I think Turbine can remove the power cost info from our tooltips as well as our blue bars and save some resources on our server aready high loaded...
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    Totally agree. I ran Ost Elendil T2 yesterday. Andy had told me things were silly, so I healed profligately in a deliberate attempt to burn power, and told our LM not to do anything about it. Spammed Chord of Salvation, coda, Inspire Fellows and Raise the Spirit, as well as bubbling tank and using Cry of the Valar/Wizards whenever they came up, and never went below 70% or had to use Anthem of Composure once.

    Minnies crying about their power pools miss the point. The ICPR is incredible and even if you have 4000 power less than you used to, it lasts 3 times as long. Time for derp-mode?

    Finally, pressed C and found both phys and tac mit capped at 40%.

    Compare this to my poor hunter and burgie whose mits dropped spectacularly since the update.
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