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    Song of Restoration

    This change may be awesome but maximum strength from target is only lvl 85 ---> useful ? I don't think so

    Is a mistake by devs ? It will be good to change this like Cure Poison.

    I mean maximum strength of (Level + 4) from the target.

    Anyone have any information ? I guess there's same prob for RK.

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    Its still pretty useful, effects in the erebor stuff seem to be lv85 so can remove them, but yeah I got stung in GB yesterday when I couldn't remove the diseases.
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    Devs should up it to +4 from our level, just like the LM's disease & wound removal skill. It's fine in Erebor instances, but anything that is older and scales, it is a major issue- like OD, GB, or any of the DG instances.

    Please fix this Turbine.
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