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    I guess my question for people complaining about the lack of appropriate reward for challenge content is - why are you actually playing the challenge. Is it to prove your skill, is it bragging rights, OR (as I suspect is true for most) is it so that you can have better gear than the Joneses and walk around brandishing said big stick? For #1, nothing has changed. For #2, would you be satisfied by a special title or a low % drop cosmetic / housing item? If not, evidence says you're actually, probably, #3.

    Which is fine. But let's at least be honest that it's about epeen and not something else.
    My answer to "why are you actually playing the challenge" is that overcoming challenging things is fun. This will keep a range of people, including myself, busy for the next month.

    Now, faceroll farming an instance and getting all the best loot is fun too. This, too, will keep a range of people busy for the next couple of weeks.

    But what a healthy endgame should do is tie those together. Give people challenging content with the best loot. This will keep a range of people busy for the next few months, and give many people a reason to log in consistently until the next update.

    A healthy endgame SHOULDN'T reward an insatiable desire to run the same mind-numbingly boring stuff over and over and over and over again until your eyes bleed or until the RNG smiles upon you and bestows a rare gem.

    farming runs don't encourage group teamwork, they don't encourage improvement of self, and they don't encourage a fellowship-oriented atmosphere. They just put 12 random people together as quick as possible and try to button mash to the rewards. Very few farm pugs will distribute loot fairly ensuring some people will be shafted and others rich. And at the end of the day, there's no banter or fond memories of great deeds performed, just an empty desire to acquire another symbol.
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