It hasn’t even reached 24 hours after the update and already this is the current state of things:

Farm Farm Farm.

Since First age Symbols and Gold Class items drop on tier 1. The majority of the player base has been going into Battle of Erebor t1. It has now reached the point that players looking for groups in GLFF, has referred them as “BoE t1 Farm” There is no incentive to do t2 or Smaug or Flight beyond the initial look of the instances as the same loot pool will drop from t1 Battle of Erebor. Yes, there is the new armour sets but that is really tertiary compared to the player wishlist of 1st agers and Gold Class items. And the path of least resistance is usually more appealling.

Soo… in an attempt to stop the BG farming of Durchest, loot was removed. Namely 2nd age Symbols and Crystals. We now turn to the Battle of Erebor Farming of 1st agers, Golds and Recipe drops.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring --> LOTRO: The Farmville of the Ring