Greetings Arkenstone.

The Dauntless is a new kinship on Arkenstone formed by a contingent of players originally from Windfola server and lead by Drakari and Acheron. We are a mixed group of players from many of the oldest kinships of Windfola simply looking for something new, and for a server that would accommodate our need to PvP.

Although we have a core of about 12-15 players from Windfola, we are looking to make new friends and kinmates here on our new home server. We do not have a set raiding or pvp schedule at the moment as we are simply looking to bolster our ranks with players interested in doing both pvp and pve.

The Dauntless IS NOT a hardcore kinship. Many of our players have post-seconday studies or busy jobs and simply find the time to login for the evenings and weekends. It is still however our aim to compete in good pvp and down difficult pve content.

Why you would like to join the Dauntless:

- Player base 18+ with no tolerance for drama within kin or between kinships.

- PvP focused mindset with several capable raid leaders in house willing to train you how to partake and survive in the Ettenmoors.

-PvE aspirations which will see us geared and accomplished. (Many of us have solid PvE raid experience also)

-Join a fun group of people who remember that there are people behind that screen. Some of us have been friends for 3+ years on Lotro and we are open to meeting new people all the time.

-Ventrilo server and Website with forums.

What The Dauntless is looking for:

-Smart individuals who know how their class operates, an ability to play their chosen main toon to a level of decent capability from a PvE standpoint.

-Individuals who are open to PvP. We will train and help gear you if you are fresh, we just look for people who can play as a unit.

-Level headed folks who don't bring personal issues onto the game with them. It's cool to make friends online, it's not cool to burden your online friends because of your r/l problems. We're here to have fun.

-Loyalty is recognized and coveted. Helping each other is what makes the game better for us all.

Absolute Requirements:

-Steady internet connection and computer which enables you to play at a decent level of consistency.

- Ventrilo and ability to LISTEN. Talking is not required but makes you cooler.

- A good attitude.

At the moment we are looking for all classes (especially LM and Minstrel). If you are interested in joining us please visit our website HERE and fill out an application. If you are thinking about joining us but would like to get to know us better first then do any of the following:

- Join our ettenmoors raids.

- Join members/officers/leaders of The Dauntless you see calling out for players in glff for PvE grouping.

- Contact an officer or leader. (Drakari, Acheron, Rhiannon, Ryuc, Thormuth, or Nobody-1)

We are looking forwards to meeting new faces! Also please note that many of us are still waiting for our transfers to go through and you will see more of us as a couple more weeks pass!

Happy Hunting!