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Thread: Server Thoughts

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    Server Thoughts

    Hello creeps!

    I currently have 2 r6 and 1 r4 monsters on brandywine, and I am really(and this is only opinion) starting to not enjoy how the ettenmoors is being controlled(raid wise/people). If I were to move servers(start completely over) what would be a good server to check out? I am going to focus on a warg, so please take that into consideration! Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dethman1001 View Post
    Hello creeps!


    I am going to focus on a warg, so please take that into consideration! Thank you.
    Bless you. Everything goes better with Wargs!

    But, seriously, I would recommend one of the small to medium servers. Each server seems to have people who will say "It's great. Come join us!" And others who say "It's bad here too. Stay away." But I personally think small to medium servers will give the best balance.

    Since you can get to L10 on a new character in a couple hours and then pop into the Moors on a Creep to take a look around (I'm assuming you have a subscription?) I'd take a quick perusal of the server specific forums to get an idea of the kind of people who play there and post about it, then create a character and check out the actual people.

    Good hunting.

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    Thank you for your feedback! I will definetly try that out and see what comes up for my options! By the way...I must agree EVERYTHING goes better with wargs!



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