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    Select backpack item keymapping problem!

    I apologize if this question has been answered many times before, but if it has I'm having a devil of a time finding a clear answer: I mistakenly reassigned the alt+button0 combo to something else and now cannot figure out how to reassign it to selecting items in the backpacks. (you know, hover over the item in your pack then hold alt and left click to select it; usually for then using ctrl+t to lock/unlock that item.) The only thing I've been able to find is the suggestion to completely reset all keybindings; is that truly the only way? is there not an option hidden somewhere in the keymapping menu? If there is I can't find it, just wondering if maybe I'm missing something or what. Thanks!

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    Hmmmm, interesting.... I know exactly what you are refering to, as I lock items in my bags like that all the time!

    I've just looked through my bindings to see if I could spot where my alt+button0 was, but nowhere to be found. I can see options in there for ctrl+button0 for dressing room, and similar for sending an item link to chat, and also the ctrl+t binding is there too for the lock.

    It seems the binding has been overlooked and should be listed, but unfortunately is not. Which does leave you only one way to re-assign it - and thats to reset everything
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