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    Durin's Folk Kinship One year Anniversary Party

    The idea to form an all-dwarven heavy rp kinship was developed while I was working on my first Total Immersion story, The Quest for Moria. Naturally, initial feedback on creating the kinship was good but held much doubt that an all-dwarf kin could foster and survive (since all had been disbanded in the past). I similarly believed this, mostly since I had never belonged to a kinship (and Lotro being my very first mmo to have played), and I certainly never formed or led a kinship before.

    Durin's Folk began with small numbers of kinsmen and grew very, very slowly over the months; we began running our monthly travelling dwarven market in Bree right away, hosted occasional dwarven lore tours, and even handed out gifts for the Lotro 5th Annversary celebrations. We continued to grow in members, but never became a numerous kinship, due to our rp heavy play style and being an all-dwarven kinship.

    And yet, Durin's Folk is still thriving, even after our one year anniversary last month in February! To celebrate this date, we are hosting a big party at out kinhouse (5 Roaring Road, Haskigrun Neighbourhood, Thorin's Hall Homesteads) on Friday, March 22nd at 10 pm EST.

    The festivities will include:

    • Door Gifts: All guests will be greeted by one of our kinsmen at the kinhouse door and presented with a specially-crafted gift from our kinship.

    • Food and Drink: We will be providing all the food and drink you can possibly enjoy.

    • Music: We have hired the services of the band from the kinship, Second Breakfast, to provide musical entertainment during the party!

    • Foot Race: Participants will gather outside the kinhouse; the race will follow a course through the homestead neighbourhood and then back to the kinhouse. The prizes is 15 gold for first place, 10 gold for second place and 5 gold for third place. Of course, we ask for all to simply enjoy themselves and to not use any sort of speed or run boosts during the race.

    • Fireworks Show: Our superb dwarven craftmen are working diligently to craft wonderous fireworks for our fireworks show that evening.

    • Dwarven Trivia Contest: Another prize event. I have designed a number of trivia questions for this portion of the party. The top three players with the most correct answers will recieve 15 gold for first place, 10 gold for second place and 5 gold for third place.

    So please join Durin's Folk later this month for our celebration!

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    Very excited about this happening tonight!!
    I hope we have a good turnout.

    Baruk Khazad! Khazad ai-menu!



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