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    so where's the RP and where's my second breakfast?

    Heya Cricks..

    there are only one or two ongoing and upcoming opportunities for RP on our server that I'm aware of...

    * Brucha's total immersion tales and travels - currently in Lonelands (he welcomes spontaneous RP if I remember correctly).
    * Riders of the Last Home - 10pm servertime March 8, South Bree
    * Elevenses - hosted by 2nd Breakfast but not active any more?

    Surely this can't be all though... So my question is.. where is the rest of the RP? and what happened to Second Breakfast?
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    The RP is wherever you want it to be!!

    The first two events you mentioned are just stories the players came up with it and decided to share with the server and yes participate in their stories as well so we thank them for that.

    Now for on-going rp everywhere else you'll mostly find rpers in the Prancing Pony at any time of day (more popular during the evening and night time on EST time zone). Second Breakfast has changed their elvenses schedule. It is now on sunday mornings (I think 11am EST not sure though) and monday nights 11pm EST and the Bird and Baby in Michel Delving. They also have something called Bread and Jamming (corect me if I'm wrong on the name) every friday night at the pony at 8pm EST.
    Second Breakfast itself is still around and very active but IT IS NOT an rp kin... they are rpers within the kin but its more of social kin. They do host server wide events as well apart from Elevenses every now and then.
    There are many other RP kins in this server and some race restricted and heavy rp only.
    There is a monthly dwarven market hosted by the kin Durin's Folk which takes place in the market square of Bree Town.
    You just gotta get out there (well mostly to Bree) and you'll find many opportunities to RP
    Hope this helped you

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    The kinship Mist and Shadow also has small RP events every Saturday at 10pm EST at various taverns. (Mostly in the Shire.)
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