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    Cannot Access LOTRO Store

    I had been able to gain access to the LOTRO Store since I first started to play this game a couple of months ago. I successfully used it several times. Approximately two weeks ago something changed and I am not sure what it was. Now when I attempt to gain access to the store from outside the game or inside the game it will not allow me to do so. There is no error of any kind displayed - pushing the store button simply does nothing at all. The game itself works just fine and I can even make purchases through Steam. But it is not currently possible to gain access to the store itself. So all of my Turbine points are useless. Can anyone make some suggestions about what I could do to overcome this?

    I would really like to get access to my Turbine points as I have some things I would desperately like to unlock.

    Thanks for your help with this. - Curundir

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    I have not heard of any ongoing problems accessing the LOTRO Store.

    File a Ticket (not a bug report) with Turbine. They are quick to respond to issues about the Store.
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    I suppose that is why I did not hear back from my request for help. It was sent as a bug report - well I will know what to do in the future. The problem is, however, resolved as I deleted the game file off of steam and then reloaded them. Now the LOTRO Store works perfectly. Thanks for the reply.



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