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    [Landroval] War Steed Horse Show

    An idea I have been toying with. I have been having a whale of fun customizing my war steed. Colors, tack, the whole thing. I was wishing to have a horse show on a future day. Maybe March 23 or after Easter. There wouldn't be many categories, and the judges would either be individuals or popular vote. Prizes gold or perhaps some crafted horse or human thing. I know there are bridles (very expensive), not sure about anything else (hint, hint Turbine)

    Along the same lines would be horse show for performance - races, balancing, cross country, such that you don't need a war steed. And of course, the good ol' fashioned human fashion show.

    If you guys are having such already, I'm sure missing them. I overheard something about a thing called "Ales and Tales" today, never heard that one before and still don't know where it is.

  2. Windy Acres Ranch

    Siskiyou - welcome to the wonderful world of horses, and all the expense, collection, time and effort investment it can involve!

    If you want to develop your own race circuit, horse parade or costuming demonstration, you're more than welcome to do so, and know that there is a healthy community interest in all manner of horse related activities.

    But, if you'd like to get a look at how a pro does it, look up Kiralynn of Landroval, or check out her website at http://windyacres.mymiddleearth.com/

    She's been spearheading a variety of excellent horse activities, including racing, fashion/costume shows and even a formation riding routine. She's had excellent success, and is an extraordinary example of how these sorts of activities can be fun, challenging and very well organized.

    Also, last year, Turbine hosted the "Galloping Gala", a variety of different horse-themed events, and I can't imagine why they wouldn't do it again this year. It should be coming up soon, assuming they keep to roughly the same schedule, and you'll have a chance to check out how other people do it, and may even be encouraged to submit your own activities to the calendar!

    Looking forward to seeing you at some horse events!

    Also, Ales and Tales, while not being *particularly* horse themed usually, IS an excellent RP opportunity, and in general, just a fun occasion to meet people and socialize; it's open to everyone (with decent manners), and DOES sometimes feature horse activities as well (such as performances by the formation riding team!)



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