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    newer best of thread

    So, before u10 comes and totally screws up everything as we know it, I figured would make a new best of thread since 85 has been around for awhile. even if many people cry it wasn't balanced creeps OP freeps OP all this stuff people have said doesn't really matter, cuz some people still did great.


    Warleader- Chiron when he comes out, trahai and warz also do their thing.

    Reaver- Burz, Itty, Shag, and Hawk all scare me from playing freeps.

    Spider- Halk Kit and Kreeper do well

    Defiler- kozrog and guido

    BA- Quag and Zomar both pewpew fine

    Warg- Darkwolfshadow. has become an excellent warg on par or better then any others as far as 1v1s go. ark has also impressed me with some 1v1s of late keep it up!


    Burg- Hayf, Beard, and Euph all make me watch my back.

    Captain- Farr has given some good fights, iri is still making his groups strong as ever

    Champ- Thorfinn and aervoth always good fights

    Guard- any guard who SW's when needed, a few of you out there.

    Hunter- Tops, and ell when she plays hunter hehe

    LM- Pigeon

    Mini- Bloin

    RK- Merlin

    Warden- teamamerica for being real spear warden, and for ticking me off with 7k of bleeds after I killed him -_-
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    R8 RK, R8 champ, R7 burg, R8 warden. R13 warg, R10 spider, R9 reaver, R8 Warleader R6 BA



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