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    Grats on r11 Stan!

    So, you ranking was actually the result of you ditching levelling with me so it pissed me off. Fortunately, I kept levelling without you and persevered as well. Congratulations on a well-deserved rank 11.
    Lifgar R12 RK Firefoot
    Arcuss R10 BA Meneldor
    Though this is madness; there be method in't. - William Shakespeare

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    Apr 2007
    Gratz Stan the one man raid known as the Belrogg
    Skulkins Lumpytoad Dirkens


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    Grats! Well done, now onward to 12!

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    Grats love!!! Go go go to 12 now =) It is always good to see you out there!!

    Love ya,

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    May 2007
    Spokane, Wa
    You're so bad dude. Just give up now, do you think R11 is high or something? Fail warden.

    Ps. I actually love you <3.

    Grats pos Canadian.

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    Gratz Belegg!!!

    Gratz man r15 is that much closer!!!

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    Dec 2007
    Dallas, TX
    Grats Stan!
    Rk 8 Warg, Rk 8 Spider, Rk 7 Reaver, Rk 7 BA, Rk 6 WL, Rk 6 Def
    Rk 8 Burg, Rk 8 Hntr, Rk 7 Champ, Rk 7 Mins, Rk 6 Guard, Rk 4 LM

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    Jul 2008
    Epic warden skills, Gratz man
    Token Pothead of Revelations
    Relish the Death and Bathe in its Glory

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    Congrats for being one of the only two wardens on our server who have the balls and skill to roll all reds and do awesome! Congrats on rank man, show all these other easy-mode wardens how to really play warden !! Great job and well done! Onward to rank 12 =)

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    May 2007
    NSW, Australia
    Grats on rank mate, well deserved.
    Lightningbolt Rk7 Lm - Zallando Rk7 Rk - Funellweb Rk9 Weaver



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