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    Dwarrowdelf Raid Progression Part 3?!

    Since the thread starter(Ordun) of "Dwarrowdelf Raid Progression(http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?391532-Dwarrowdelf-Raid-Progression)" is MIA at the moment and (Bannon) is also sporadically active. And most recently Sycarius' disappearance, I Nelgor!! will take over the role of updating the progression of our growing little server. So the previous one is no longer valid, everything will be updated in a timely manner here, not that other one >.>

    The Rift of Nurz Ghashu
    -A Pug to Remember, lead by Alohire
    -Asian Sensation, Viduo and Xuneng
    -Balrog Riders
    -Celestial Dawns' Semi-PUG
    -Hope is Kindled
    -Massive Dynamic
    -Masyaf's PUG
    -The Eternal, lead by Healzrus
    -Death's Bane

    Helegrod Dragon Wing
    -Fai's PUG
    -Massive Dynamic
    -Reforged (Full Clear Level 75(c))
    -Shadow(full clear)
    -The Fellowship's Hard (PUG) Clear
    -The Crimson Brotherhood (Full clear at 50)-(Drake Wing 75(c)
    -Death's Bane - Full Clear (85) Challenge

    The Vile Maw
    -Balrog Riders
    -Faulks' Secret Santa Pug
    -Hope is Kindled
    -Legacy of the Ring
    -Massive Dynamics
    -Toa's awesome PUG
    -Zub's PUG

    Dar Narbugud
    -Balrog Riders
    -Legacy of the Ring
    -Massive Dynamics
    -Death's Bane

    Barad Guldur
    -Ainur - All bosses (HM)
    -Balrog Riders - All bossess (HM)
    -Reforged - All bosses (HM)
    -Shadow 1st boss(HM) and 2nd boss(HM).
    -Bragdarvir's pug(HM)
    -Ceaseless - Full Clear (HM)
    -The Invincible Force/Pug - Durchest and Twins (HM)
    -Death's Bane - Full Challenge Clear

    Ost Dunhoth Tier 1(85)
    Reforged - Wound, Fear

    Ost Dunhoth Tier 2(85)
    Reforged - Disease(c), Fear(c), Wound(c), Acid(c), Ivar(c)
    Death's Bane - Fear(c), Wound(c), Acid(c), Disease(c), Ivar(c)

    Draigoch Tier 1
    -Balrog Riders

    Draigoch Tier 2
    -Ainur - Challenge Complete
    -Awakened - Challenge Complete
    -Balrog Riders - Challenge Complete
    -Half PUG half BR group - Challenge Complete
    -Hope is Kindled - Challenge Complete
    -Guido's what could go wrong pug
    -Massive Dynamics - Challenge Complete
    -Patriotpea's Pug - Challenge Complete
    -Pug lead by Jacbo - Challenge Complete
    -Reforged -Challenge Complete
    -Shadow -Challenge Complete
    -The Crimson Brotherhood + Explorers of Middle earth + friends - Challenge Complete
    -The Last Company - Challenge Complete
    -Toa's Awesome PUG 2.0 - Challenge Complete
    -Death's Bane - Challenge Complete

    Tower of Orthanc Tier 1
    -Ainur - Full Clear
    -Awakened - Full Clear
    -Balrog Riders - Full Clear
    -Hope is Kindled - Lightning and Fire&Frost
    -Marvi's PUG - Lightning & Fire&Frost
    -Massive Dynamic's and Pat's Awesome Pug - Acid Wing, Lightning Wing, Fire/Frost Wing, and Shadow names of special guests are in post 182 & 185
    -Reforged - Full Clear
    -Shadow - Acid
    -The Black Hand - Acid and Lightning, special guests are Agtug, Kraumur and Marvi.
    -The Crimson Brotherhood/The Crimson Alliance - Full Clear
    -He Man's pug group - Lighting, Acid, Fire/Frost, and Shadow
    -Narenien's TriPUG - Fire/Frost Wing, Shadow, Saruman

    Tower of Orthanc Tier 2
    -Ainur - Lightning(c) & Fire&Frost
    -Balrog Riders - Lightning(c), Fire&Frost & Saruman
    -GAMMASSAMMICH PUG - Lightning c) & Fire&Frost & Shadow
    -Reforged - Full Challenge Clear, including Original Challenger of Saruman Title.
    -Death's Bane - Lightning(c) & Fire&Frost & Acid(c)

    Erebor Raids T1
    Reforged - Battle for Erebor, Flight of the Lonely Mountain, and The Fires of Smaug
    Death's Bane - Battle for Erebor, Flight of the Lonely Mountain, and The Fires of Smaug
    Ceaseless - Battle for Erebor, Flight of the Lonely Mountain, and The Fires of Smaug
    Riders of Helms Deep - Battle for Erebor, Fires of Smaug, Flight of the Lonely Mountain
    Massive Dynamics - Battle for Erebor, Fires of Smaug, Flight of the Lonely Mountain

    Erebor Raids T2
    Death's Bane - The Fires of Smaug(c), Battle for Erebor
    Ceaseless - The Fires of Smaug(c), Battle for Erebor, Flight of the Lonely Mountain
    Reforged - The Fires of Smaug(c), Battle for Erebor, Flight of the Lonely Mountain
    Riders of Helms Deep - The Fires of Smaug, Battle for Erebor
    Indestructible - Battle for Erebor, The Fires of Smaug

    *if i miss any of your kin in the list please do inform me as i will try and update this thread regularly
    **any suggestions are most welcome to make this thread better

    That's it, That's all, woop let's get this started.
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    was wondering when someone was going to do this, way to step up nelgor
    Chocla 95 Minstrel (Fail Ezmoder) ~ Kraurshak R7 Warg (GTA 1v1 Ganker) ~ Qqmoarpls 41 Hunter
    "if i wanted i could go and actually become a lawyer " -belv

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    DB has done a full clear on Hele at 85 with challenge on all four wings.
    We did Acid t2 CM in Orthanc.
    We cleared BG CM many times.
    OD t2 cm Full clear at 75.
    We duo'd and three manned DN and Rift. Not that is really matters, but it is fun to do.

    Guess we are a bit lazy about posting what we have done. But if there is going to be one of these we may as well have our stuff listed as well.

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    i don't know if you heard about it nel, but
    Reforged+Jonp beat all three new raids on t1 today, including the Battle of Smaug.

    I'd have a screenshot but I don't.

    You should have been there nel. Unless you were


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    Are we listing the new raids on T1?

    Death's Bane also did all the new raids today.

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    Note: I will only list people who have cleared the content if they post something in the thread.
    Also considering OD has been scaled all previous clears whether beaten at 65 or 75 are null and void :O. Future clears of the raid at 85 will be considered and edited into this thread.



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