Good day Dwarrowdelfians,

Over the years, from Dec 2010 to today specifically, I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the company of the individuals on Dwarrowdelf. The kindness, generosity, and overall personalities of the players have added an unexpectedly wonderful aspect to my gaming experience in LOTRO. As LOTRO is my first MMO, I didn’t know what to expect when I began playing. Now that it has been a few years and I’ve experienced all the game has to offer I can safely say I enjoy all aspects of adventuring through Middle-Earth; from crafting to instances to PvMP to questing, I’ve found it all to be good fun. At times I’ve found myself amused by the conversations in World chat or in many User Created channels I’ve been in. Out of all my experiences in LOTRO hands down it is the people that have given me the most joy. I have been surprised by how giving Dwarrowdelfians are, from small things like free mats, free ports, or help with a quest to bigger things like offering to buy a stranger a subscription so they can enjoy the benefits of VIP, to the biggest things like being there to console a friend you only know through LOTRO when they’ve returned to the game after being ill for months, or when their pet, family member, or other loved one has passed away. On the day I learned Dwarrowdelf will be closing I came home, logged in, logged off, cried in bed for a couple of hours and then it hit me that I should not waste what time we have moping and logged back in. I will remember the good times I’ve had with all of you.

To all the people I feel comfortable enough with to request you take my place in a group when I’m too sleepy to continue playing, I am going to miss you.
To all the people who randomly send me materials, special ingredients, and crafting crit scrolls, I’m going to miss you. (I like gifts!)
To all the people who send me Tokens and Scrolls at the slightest mention that I’m running low or completely out, I’m going to miss you. (I like these kinds of gifts too!)
To all the people who send me items for free when I put in world chat WTB <insert item here>, I’m going to miss you.
To all the people that put up with all my mistakes such as running too close to the final boss and triggering the fight when no one is ready, or hitting Num Lock without thinking and running into a ToO trash room when no one is ready, or carrying on entire conversations mid fight, or forgetting to switch to the appropriate trait tree before a boss, or forgetting to login at all when I’ve made plans with you (I sowwie...real life is too distracting! I don’t mean to waste your very real time), or telling you I’d write a helpful guide about LMs and months later I’ve still not done it. I’m very sorry and thank you for being so wonderfully forgiving. I’m going to miss you.
To all the people who have helped me experiment, whether it be by sparring me, playing on the PvMP maps with me, or running instances with me, you have helped me get better at my Class. I would never have known what I could do without you at my side (or if you were a tank hopefully ahead of me hehe). Thank you and I’m going to miss you.
To all the people who randomly send me Tells or login just to see how I’m doing and how my family is doing, I’m going to miss you.
To all the Tolkienites who tell me stories, I’m going to miss you.
To all the people I’ve not yet had a chance to meet, I regret not doing more PUGs so that we possibly could have met, or hanging out in Bree Advice channel so I could help you on your way, or if you’re kinless I wish I would have tried to recruit you. There is still time, we could meet soon enough
To all my Raidcall users, I love to hear you laugh, helping eachother to learn instances and classes, and just enjoying the game. I’m going to miss you.
To all the people who vanished without giving me a heads up, I hope you come back one day. I miss you.

At this time I’m not certain which server I will end up on. For a while it was a debate between Crickhollow and Arkenstone, but too much is unknown. I’d like to be one of the many going wherever Dwarrowdelfians Vote on going. There are several factors that will influence my decision, mostly where my kin (Middle Earth Elites as well as Our Darkest Hour) is going, where other kinships I enjoy grouping with are going, where specific individuals I enjoy grouping with are going, plus I’m waiting for the first 6 servers to Transfer then will find out which of the Remaining servers are at that point the least Laggy, has the least Trolls, and are most welcoming to those Transferring. I am quite glad that we have been given ample time to make a decision. I don’t want to feel rushed into a decision then dislike where I end up. I sincerely hope to see most of you on whichever server I end up on.

*I’ve been trying to keep in touch with several kinships like A Light in the Darkness, Above Average Below Reality, Awakened, Delinquents of Middle Earth, Green Leaf Order, Hope is Kindled, Lords of the Mearas, Outlaws, Rider’s of Helm’s Deep, Sons of the Seven Fathers, Spirited, The Dark Lords of Mirkwood, The Kindred, The Lords of Valinor, and more to have an idea as to where everyone currently wants to go. I’ve mostly heard Crickhollow and Arkenstone and a couple mentions of Gladden. I don’t recall anyone mentioning Landroval to me and Brandywine may not be an option for quite some time. For a while there it seemed like Arkenstone was a pretty sure thing, but as of late the tone seems to be shifting to Crickhollow (I do like the name, sounds like a Southerner saying’s just cute). I do hope Glorg does another poll next month.

There is more I could say, but this is plenty long enough. If you made it this far I hope what you take away from my message is simply that I enjoyed my time on Dwarrowdelf and am hoping to continue playing with you.

With Like & Love plus a sincere desire to continue our wonderful gaming experience in LOTRO,
Happy Adventuring!
Linda (aka Linyara, Cassiell, Athcwyn, and etc)