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    Compendium of Middle-earth IV Silliness

    I just found this out last night and was rather irritated by it. And someone please correct me if I'm wrong about this.

    Previously, to get a Compendium of Middle-earth all you had to do was make it to a certain area, be a minimum level, and run a specific quest—easy enough. But now to get a Compendium of Middle-earth IV, which doesn't appear to be in the lorebook yet, you have to rebuild the forge in Hytbold, to superior, and then run the crafting instance to get it.

    I'm not sure how many Hytbold quests it takes to get the forge to superior, it may be possible to do it in one day. But here's the point, most players initially running the Hytbold quests are doing so for the armour, my opinion here. And as far as I know there's nothing in game about having to rebuild the forge just to get this item. So, how is anyone supposed to know this is a prerequisite and rebuild the forge? Just sayin.

    Is there anyone else who finds this patently stupid? Is Turbine that annoyed with players having moderately decent items and equipment? And as far as I know this is only used for making crafted relics, so what's the point? If they really want to cut down on the percentage of players with this one particular component, how about only make the quest available after a player has completed every possible deed in Rohan?

    P.S. Turbine, your login timeout sucks. If I'm refreshing the page in anyway, i.e. clicking the Preview Post button, my last touch value should also be refreshed. No one likes being auto-logged out in the middle of a post.

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    It can be done in one day - sort of. The initial Smithy rebuild costs 15 tokens and is one of the 0 rep quests available from the first quest giver in Hytbold (Edgal?). The Superior Forge only costs 5 tokens, but is gated behind Ally standing with (I believe) the Wold. If you've refrained from using rep accelerators, it will probably take you 2 days of doing dailies out of the Wold (probably about 6 quests total) to reach Ally standing there. So it is easily attainable within 2 days of hitting 84, when you can begin Hytbold dailies. The crafted relic created from the compendium volume iv can only be used on level 85 items, so you could get it before you could use it, even. In addition to that, they are not bound, and can be traded or bought if you do not want to rebuild the superior forge so early for whatever reason.

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    I noticed this too, when I first reached the crafting instances. Yes, it breaks tradition with the previous three compendia, but as Tomiathon said, it is fairly easy to reach the required reputation level and unlock it. Still, I agree it would be better if this wasn't tied to reputation with some faction, as was the case the previous three times. Furthermore, only the prospector instance awards the compendum, which is unfair, since you might not have the prospector profession in your vocation.

    In fact, if you dig this deeper, the crafting instances themselves are locked before reaching a certain reputation level. This means that if you have a crafting alt and want it to have access to those instances, you also need to rebuild at least a part of Hytbold.

    The only consolation is that all this is fairly easy and fast to do, so it's not such a big bother. I guess we should be happy that we have crafting instances at all, given the low attention that has been given to crafting.
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