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    2h LI champion greatsword question


    I received a 2h LI level 60 greatsword and when I have it equipped not in battle, the LI particle effect doesn't work. What gives?? I thought all LI weapons had the glow effect in and out of battle. Has anyone else noticed this when using this?

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    guess it just doest have a glow effect on it...

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    I can think of two possible reasons.

    1: Your video settings are set so that the glowy effect is minimised.

    2: By default, all legendary weapons start as Common Damage which won't have a glaringly obvious glow effect to it. You need to use a damage scroll (Ancient dwarf make, Westernesse or Beleriand) to change the weapon to a non-common damage type and the glow effect will change to a different color and be more obvious (red for Ancient dwarf. green for Westernesse and blueish lightning for Beleriand).

    I don't know what level your champ is but you can get Ancient dwarf and Westernesse scrolls as rewards from the solo instances next to the Dolven View stable in Moria (you'll need infused gems). There is a Beleriand scroll available as a reward from a 3-man level 60 instance at Echad Dunann in Eregion (needs an infused adamant for each person in the group) and there is a Beleriand+Orc scroll available from the elves in Lothlorien (you'll need silver branches and gold leaves which are Lothlorien quest reward tokens). After Lothlorien each region has damage scrolls you can barter for using the quest reward tokens given for those regions, mostly Westernesse scrolls but some Beleriand scrolls as well. Some level 60+ Epic quests give damage scrolls as a reward as well. Dolven View is the only source for Ancient Dwarf damage scrolls.
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    My lvl 60 Captain has a lvl 60 greatsword on which the LI "glow effect" is only in the "blood groove", the long channel down the center of the blade. Kinda neat looking, imo, but yes, it's not as noticeable as on most other weapons. I rather like it.
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    Thanks for the replies!

    I tried all the above suggestions. All my settings are on max graphics. I switched to westerness damage type. The glow still does not show when the sword is on my back in non combat mode.

    This is the 1st age champion great sword level 60. It has no glow effect at all except when in combat mode then it has the same glow effect as all of the other LIs. When out of combat mode it just looks like a normal sword.

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    I'm having the same problem.

    Any solutions so far?



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