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Thread: My Crush

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    Dec 2010

    My Crush

    Thought I'd share this. Yes, this is my girlcrush, haha.

    Watch her other stuff, it's awesome.

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    Well got to give her points for effort.
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    Lindsey rocks! Check out Peter's version of Hobbit theme song also.
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    Her skyrim one was first I'd seen. She's got some fiddling chops.
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    I didn't care for certain aspects of that arrangement, but it was pretty good over-all.

    I think Peter is great though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goodyear2007 View Post
    Her skyrim one was first I'd seen. She's got some fiddling chops.
    Finod has some items stockpiling for him :P

    And aye, she is great. How do people not find such popular and good stuff quicker? :O

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