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    Herald of Darkness and kbs

    Any chance of that anyone who earned Bane of West can say who much kb is needed for tier 7? Also what is best class for kbs?Thank you in advance

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    Tier 7 Title is about 50.000 Kb's. So have fun...
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    Thank you think i shoud get on work

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    I want a herald of darkness for my captain. These undead heralds and homeless guys we pay to carry our banners are terrible.

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    I would say that the Blackarrow and Warg are the best classes for killing blows. Wargs maybe a bit more cause they have stealth, so they can roam around the map and look for freeps and kill them solo. Depending on the number and skill of the freeps of course. BA's (from personal experience) mostly because of the Revenge skill. The description slipped my mind right now but when the target goes down below 1/4 morale you can kill them with one shot, maybe 2 if it's a stubborn class. I was lucky one day since i play on a low pop server, got 76 killing blows and most of them because of the Revenge skill

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    In my opinion Ba is best becuse 2 who got Bane of the west are ba

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    BA and reaver are usually top 2 classes for kbs, in that order.
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    Thank you all for answers



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