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Thread: About creeps...

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    About creeps...

    Well one thing i dont understand is, is the enemies based on races? Like if ur an orc/uruks thats ur ally, just stumbled upon some elite tree, cant remember his name, but starts with Gorubin or something. But the weird thing is he's in the orc territory.., I thought like i could explore the ettenmoors and then i stumbled on other elite drake, chasing me through the ice cold river..

    Could anyone explain to me....

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    Some NPCs are neutral, neither aligned with freeps or creeps. They serve no one and most of them will attack either side. Examples are Nerbyg, Cave-claws, Wolves, Bog-lurkers and Huorns.
    A fourth party is aligned to Gaergoth, foolishly betraying the obviously superior might of the Iron Crown and Lugbúrz. These cowardly enemies also attack both freeps and creeps. Examples are Wights, Wood-trolls, Worms, Salamanders, Drakes, Grims and Merrevail. In their folly, they are known for taking Outposts to make them 'neutral'. But fret not, they will meet their doom soon enough.
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    Well i guess birdofhermes send it but if you go to this place called the great delving you can fight thoose things and get cool items and if you kill the boss you get a buff for your side. freeps can also go to this but i think they have there own section.



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