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Thread: Apology

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    Last night I came out into The Moors from GV and saw the usual suspects out camping the place. I immediately noticed one or two freeps crippled and stumbling back toward the safety of base...one didn't make it. I opened fire on the first target I tabbed on in range and blew the poor greenie away. I don't even remember who it was. Come to find out you all were doing 1v1s again. Mind you it wasn't obvious at first 'cause USUALLY freeps/creeps don't try to get away from a 1v1 they just fight to the finish, right?

    Well, my assault on that greenie, in hindsight was unfair, and I apologize to the creep.

    It's just that I wish 1v1s were a bit more obvious these days. I don't 1v1, but I do not begrudge folks theirs, so I will try to be more observant in the future.

    Happy hunting!

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    Usually I recognize a 1v1 because of the 3rd party watching... if there's none, I usually shout out in OOC: 1v1, _____?

    But there are some places and situations where 1v1s will be ganked, by accident or not... like right beside a RvR (*looks at Carnin and Tops*)
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    If I 1v1d in a public place or in the middle of a often-travelled road then I'd expect to get jumped. I mean, while typing one party could kill another and leave me totally infamyless? Then again, I wouldn't 1) 1v1 2) do it in a public place if I ever did feel inclined to do it (probably not).

    Go 1v1 in plains if you have to.

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    getting jumped goes with the territory of 1v1ing, cuz no one bothers to go way off the beaten road anymore unless they happened to find each other there, myself included no way am I gonna waste my time to run to some forsaken corner of the map, I'll fight whereever and if I get jumped by someone else oh well
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    It would be nice if there was a recognized place to replace CM that was reasonably accessable by both sides though off the paths a bit. The old grim HS is fairly close to good grim? Something like that.

    Have any other servers come up with a solution other than plains? I know sometimes good TR (now poor TR?) was used some in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmyrSelyf View Post

    Have any other servers come up with a solution other than plains? I know sometimes good TR (now poor TR?) was used some in the past.
    Good grim is an option, but that's probably for a situation with an agreement beforehand about fighting on a small server, random encounters tr area there's some nice places around new ptr, yes.

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    any creep deserve apologys.
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    Here on Vilya it's been good grim region. There were 6-8 on each side there the other night. I learned a lot. Like never 1v1 a creep that has more than 2 rows of buffs -.-. I can't afford those store-bought buffs. I have food and whatever buffs I get from how the map is. And that's it. /sigh...hard times. But I digress...

    I had a 1v1 right outside of GV once. I tried to move down the hill a bit for 2 reasons:

    1. the reaver picked up an add and I didn't want that to effect the outcome, and

    2. I didn't want a freep to come down the stairs and blow up the reaver thinking something similar to what was posted in the OP.

    Let's clear up something though. All of the moors is public. There are less traveled portions of the map, but they are still public.

    Regarding the OP-er's warranted confusion regarding why the freep would have been running for cover: I think if there might have been some interference by another creep just passed the bushes and rock then that would have freed the freep from his obligation to stay and fight it out. Anyway, without talking to the guy and getting the facts we'll never know.

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    What ever you filthy stinking mugs decide make sure its known creepside so it can be broadcast in OOC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorgrum View Post
    What ever you filthy stinking mugs decide make sure its known creepside so it can be broadcast in OOC.
    Don't worry, your spies will get the word out!

    But, seriously, I wasn't advocating a particular move to a different location. I'll just have to expect 1v1s at GV. I'll die first and ask questions later.

    RoR Moors have ruined just about everything that was moorish before. PvE is worse than it ever was. The rest of the map is pretty much wasted space for PvMP considering where the majority of fights take place these days. GV camping has been going on for 5 months folks! I've said my peace to the devs about it: Return The Moors to their pre-RoR makeup and then try something else. What you have now isn't working and isn't going to work.

    That's my gripe and I'm stickin' to it!



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