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Thread: RANK 13 Iorynn!

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    RANK 13 Iorynn!

    Congratulations Iorynn for becoming the first rank 13 creep on Dwarrowdelf!

    Every point of 1,608,500 infamy was legitimately gained. No cheating, exploiting, or farming at all to reach this amazing achievement. You deserve your rank completely.

    You've accomplished so much in this game... more so than even some people who have played since the start of LOTRO!

    You've held the top creep position on Dwarrowdelf quite some time now. I've never been able to achieve this on any of my characters. It takes skill, dedication, leadership, and friendship to climb your way to the top, and this is exactly what she did.

    It has been a pleasure fighting alongside you, Iorynn, through good times and bad, through death and survival, wreaking havoc amongst freeps of every race, class, and skill level.

    But most of all, it's my pleasure to have you as my partner, I love you so much.

    Creeps, go out to the 'Moors and salute your High Chieftain. <3


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    First Marshal Aenise - Level 115 Burglar
    Member of Situational Awareness http://situational-awareness.net/
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    grats ;D I remember when you first started your warg, and nommed me at ec. It was an honor to be one of your first victims =D
    Third Marshal Iriella-1-85 Minstrel
    Master-at-Arms Evello-85 Runekeeper

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    Huge accomplishment right there! Easily one of the best wargs ever!!!! I'll babysit (sigh) your puppies as a congratulatory gift (:

    ~ Rayzr BunnyLoLoL
    Chieftain Rayzr of Dwarrowdelf (Reaver)
    Footman Sakeri of Dwarrowdelf (Captain)

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    Wow, congrats, Iorynn! Now that I'm staring in the face of 600,000 renown needed to rank, I can only imagine how happy you must feel to have made it.

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    Grats Iorynn!!! What an accomplishment!! It takes a lot of dedication and time to achieve what you have and I hope you continue onwards to the next rank. It definately feels like a grind once you reach the higher ranks but you have to remember to just play for fun or you will go insane! ;D
    High Chieftain Kamikazee Rank 13 Reaver

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    Grats Iorynn!! I wish I had been there! Well earned, keep on eating the bacon!

    I never hurt no Creeps.

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    Grats little Io. Here is to the best warg on the server and the best warg to ever kill me. Which lets be honest...it's not all that hard. You are a good friend and I'm really proud of you!

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    Gratz Iorynn on Rank. You deserve it. You are a very classy fleebag and if for any chance Rayzr cant watch your pups I would gladly take his place. (At least until they are housebroken I wont walk them in fear of getting eaten by the rest of the warg pack)

    Once again gratz and cya in the moors.
    ~~ Knashbash, Pondslime, Haiter

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    Gratz Iorynn on a massive accomplishment
    Shapcidrat SoM-RoR

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    Grats Io!! Well done! Onto R14 now eh?

    Grats on joining the VERY small number of DD R13's !!
    {Evogrin R11 warden} {Evogash R9 warg} +wayy too many others R6-8! Though I do not play lotro anymore, thank you to everyone who made this game so much fun all those years! God bless!

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    Grats Iorynn! You are one warg who I am always honored to die by... You deserve everything you have gained in this game.

    The best, Thren
    Threndinir - Retired Old Dwarf

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    I had a cool screenie of my underlevel'd warden pewpewing a rank 5 Io....but i losts it so a congratulations will have to suffice.

    Alohire 85 Rk R7 - Elowir 75 Warden - Alowir 75 captain
    Rilowe R8 warg - Anorel R6 Spider

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    grats on first r13 on server!
    Overlord Jasiak Pokurw, Farmer of Froobz
    r7 BA
    r6 Champ

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    Gratz Chieftainess Denmother.

    Very impressive you've come this far and I hope you get the awesome looking r14 symbol soon.
    {Bbatburz, Ssuperburz, Ssupermann}
    What audacity does to new players who come to the Moors: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezg4sr67OGA

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    Thanks a lot guys ^^.

    @ Uwish - of course, so long as you don't do some weird freepie ritual on my pups

    @ Iriella and RILOWE - I'm surprised you guys remember back then, or I guess my memory is just shot D:

    again, thanks for the congrats and *pounce hugs* to you all. See you all out there soon.
    [color=hotpink]Deetour r12 WL. Iorynn-1 r13 drunk Warg.[/color] [color=lightblue]Zeyrah r10 lag RK.[/color] {[color=hotpink]Victorious Secret.[/color] [color=lightblue]Skill and Valour.[/color]}

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    BIG Gratz mama warg!! :O

    I usually try to gratz everyone in-game to avoid spamming forums and plus it's more personal. However, been on for the past few days trying to catch you online, but I've had no such luck!

    Anyways, I remember I once asked you back in the days how you managed r11? and you responded "I no lifed it" and now you're r13... You really need to get a life! lmao jk

    With your dedication you have achieved a great accomplishment, and you deserve it; onward to r14 and beyond! lol

    Came back to check out U10, I've also finished my PvE on GW2 (only pvp now), so thx to a bit of extra time my retirement was cut short for now!

    Less than three~ Thunderboltz Honeynutcheerios, Son of Iorynn.
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    @Thunder - I had a more lengthy thanks for you, but forums kicked me off as I was submitting it {#@%!}
    I'll try to log in more frequently to creepside, but for now while I'm taking a short break.
    I've been pve-ing on freepside {blame zep}.

    Mama warg misses you, and I think you should get r12 on your warg
    Thanks for the grats son! <3
    [color=hotpink]Deetour r12 WL. Iorynn-1 r13 drunk Warg.[/color] [color=lightblue]Zeyrah r10 lag RK.[/color] {[color=hotpink]Victorious Secret.[/color] [color=lightblue]Skill and Valour.[/color]}

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    Nice job zevanub<3 It's been awesome playing with you creepside and saving your butt and what not good luck on 14!

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    A bit late since I had to afk for 2 weeks D: (1 week wasn't planned hehe...)

    Big gratz Ior! Always fun to play with my warg half-kin
    The Fungus-Infested-Tumor-Ridden-Royal-Spiderwarg has come online.
    First r12 Spiderwarg. - Veenom



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