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    Post Proposed Warleader Skill

    Just a thought I had today

    Mark of the Eye

    -Reduces targets incoming healing by 20%
    -Increases targets incoming damage by 10%
    -Target cannot Block, Parry, or Evade

    Duration - 15s (maybe 10?)
    Cooldown - 7m

    With the red bubble visual from Saruman/Bukot, though probably a different icon.
    Maybe add a small DoT. I dunno, just an idea. I've been thinking WLs should have an offensive bubble since the first time I ran Shadow Wing.

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    It's a good idea, but I think a 7m CD is a little long. In groups 10% inc dmg and 20% reduced healing for 15s isn't all that much, especially with the buffs freep healing is geting.

    In solo, 15s of those effects also won't be anywhere near overpowered, since WL dps is so pitiful.
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    it's a very good idea. WLs could use some more debuff/buff skills



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