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    Trapper of Foes traitline

    So I am not much of a poster on the forums, but I would like to know how other hunters think the Trapper of Foes traitline should be changed of if it should even be changed. While other classes have the ability to utilize other trait lines and still be a viable part of a fellowship or raid, the Trapper of Foes traitline is not very practicable.

    I personally would like to see it turned into a traitline revolving around either debuffs or "Camouflage." I would prefer a way to become a stealthy hunter, striking from the forest or underbrush. In history, archers have traditionally been used to overwhelm the enemy with arrows or to strike at them with dexterity and surprise. Even in Tolkien's lore archers have used stealth and speed to strike down their enemies or prey.

    They could rename the traitline, "The Silent Predator" or something to that nature. Maiming the enemy from the shadows seems a viable way to contribute to the fellowship especially if the debuffs would perform the "maiming part." Hunters seem to have the tendency to draw a large amount of threat from mobs and other enemies, so the line could also help to decrease the threat, especially if the "Book of the Whisperdraw" is used.

    I know of course, that there would need to be some setbacks, so perhaps less DPS than the other traitlines with a main focus on debuffing the opponent.

    So if anyone has any ideas for the improvement of this traitline, please post! This Hunter wants to know the ideas of other more worthy contributors to this thread.

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    I agree that the trapper of foes could do with some serious love from the devs. Currently I reckon it will about as popular as the loremasters 'ancient master'. Probably no coincidence thet both traitlines emphasise debuffing over dps. That's WoW for you. If you don't show up on a heal or dps counter, then you obviously aren't doing anything. A paradigm that Lotro has, unfortunately, found itself unable to break.
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    In my previous 'hunter revamp' threads (which I'm thinking of bumping for Month of the Hunter), I suggest that ToF become a debuffing line.

    Camouflage would be changed so that, in addition to being able to move at a cost of reduced stealth and slowed movement speed, the initial shot from stealth would add a tier 3 effect of our debuff rather than increased damage (which creeps would say is OP.)

    Below are some of my ideas for yellow:

    Traiting deeper into yellow would buff finesse and critical rating.

    1. Shot Through the Heart - Changed to: When any debuffing skill is active, Heartseeker will consume the debuff to do more damage.
    2. Barbed Hindrance - Slow added to Barbed Arrow. Increased damage and debuff.
    3. Heightened Senses - Changed so that stealth tracking is made innate. Changed to “Determination” – Increases length of all debuffs.
    4. Stealthy Shot: When “Beneath Notice” is active, hunters receive the “Stealth” buff so that for the duration of BN, all debuffs applied will be full-tier.
    5. Herbal Campfire: Campfire becomes available in-combat and provides in-combat power restore.
    6. Persistance: +15s CC duration, -cooldown time for CC skills.
    7. Weaken Enemy: While a bleed is active on a target, debuff skills will consume bleed to tier up twice the amount.
    6. Hunter’s Mastery: Hunter’s Art becomes a fellowship-wide buff.
    7. Improved Needful Haste: Provides fellowship-wide buff with –inductions and no setbacks for duration.

    For my initial hunter revamp threads, see:



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    In a lot of raid groups I've been in, the leader considers a LM with Ancient Master mandatory. I've never heard anyone ask for a hunter in ToF. (actually I take that back, Helegrod spider wing is the only time I can remember, and that was only for the poison removal) I know that it's theoretically possible to permamezz two mobs, so in a group that requires CC and doesn't have a LM or burg, I like knowing that my hunter can do that in a pinch, and I've built a bow with the appropriate legacies just in case I ever need it, but I never have so far. In any case, I wouldn't want to turn it into a pure debuffing traitline. I like all the CC we can do if necessary, even if our debuffing is not nearly as good as a LM or burg, and even if it will always be the least popular traitline. I would prefer small changes, like making combat traps trait work for snare as well. I do like the idea of getting bonus damage from camouflage though, maybe even more damage if you attack out of camouflage against a trapped or snared target.

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    Slflew, thanks for pointing out those two threads that you did. I really think that you should post them again during the Month of the Hunter. I would really like to see those changes implemented. Especially with the yellow line.

    Also Mohanadan and Wachkussen, thank you for your input!

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    Copy/pasted from another thread of mine:


    - Change trait lines; leave most other things alone
    - Support three distinct group roles and play styles
    - Do some interesting new things
    - Don't ask for too much

    Role: DPS
    Set Bonuses
    2 traits: +10% bow critical multiplier
    3 traits: +3% ranged damage; +1 Split Shot max targets
    4 traits: +1 ranged damage per Bowmaster trait; -60s Heart Seeker cooldown; +15% Merciful Shot critical chance
    Barbed Hindrance: moved from Trapper line; otherwise unchanged
    Critical Eye: unchanged
    Fast Draw: -0.2s Barbed Arrow induction, -0.4s Swift Bow induction (double the current reduction values)
    Hail of Arrows: unchanged
    Misdirection: Beneath Notice reduces real threat by 20%, further reduces perceived threat by 60% for 10s, and provides 5s of movement with no focus loss
    Shot Through the Heart: Heart Seeker applies a large 10s bleed that stacks with the Barbed Arrow bleed
    Stealthy Shot: a Penetrating Shot from camouflage ignores an additional 10% damage mitigation and has a chance to apply a 2s daze
    Swift and True: current benefit + if all 3 arrows of Imp Swift Bow hit, the target is slowed 40% for 5s

    Role: Off-tank
    Set Bonuses
    2 traits: +2s before focus loss from movement
    3 traits: +1 Low Cut max targets; -10% bow inductions; +[level-dependent] melee critical rating
    4 traits: +5% threat from damage; +[level-dependent] icMR; -2% bow inductions per Huntsman trait
    Deep Concentration: unchanged
    Earthborn: Strength of the Earth breaks the Hunter out of dazed, stunned, and rooted effects
    Focusing Strikes: each critical hit with a melee skill gives +1 Focus
    Hindering Cut: Low Cut no longer slows movement speed, but instead slows the target's attack speed (-10% for 5s)
    Marked Foe: When a target is already selected, the appropriate "Passage of X" skill places a Hunter's Mark effect on the target; the Hunter's Mark effect slightly increases the Hunter's threat, damage, and physical mitigation versus that target
    Rapid Recovery: -10s Dazing Blow cooldown, -5s Blindside cooldown, and -2s all other melee skill cooldowns
    Resolute Aim: Needful Haste prevents both induction setbacks and channel skill interruptions
    Swift Recovery: -30s cooldown to Needful Haste, Intent Concentration, and Strength of the Earth

    Role: Support
    Set Bonuses
    2 traits: -50% trap inductions
    3 traits: -[level x 44] Rain of Thorns target root resist rating; -30s trap and snare cooldown
    4 traits: Penetrating Shot debuffs b/p/e per Trapper of Foes trait; Purge Poison affects full fellowship w/ 10s cooldown
    Combat Traps: current benefits + affects Set Snare
    Cover the Retreat: Split Shot slows targets by 40% for 10s
    Deadly Traps: benefits of "Sturdy Traps" + traps/snares have a chance to start Fellowship Maneuvers
    Enraging Shot: Blood Arrow causes the target to attack foes randomly for 10s
    Healing Poultice: Purge Poison also cures Wound effects and gives +[level-dependent] oocMR for 15s
    Heart of the Bard: Bard's Arrow causes the next Heart Seeker to slow attack speed by 15% for 20s
    Spring Loaded Traps: unchanged
    Strong Intimidation: unchanged

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    Here's a question for you: Are the trap-traits really that great or couldn't we live without them?

    Right now we got 3 traits (and 2 setbonus concerning traps) which seems a little extreme. Every hunter uses crafted oils, what if crafted traps would get a boost?

    - Sturdy traps: % chance to crafted traps to prevent foes breaking free
    - Combat traps: I'ed prefer to have that as a yellow line setbonus
    - Spring loaded trap: This one can stay
    - Overall reduced trap induction/cooldown could be covered by using crafted traps



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