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    Finding a class that fits

    Hey guys, had some quick questions between this class and the burglar.
    I've seen them both called Debuff classes, but does one stand out above the other? I spent a good time googling to see what the real differences are between their debuffing abilities but I can't find much either way.

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    Cool thanks! I was already leaning towards Lore-Master and all but that really cemented it for me. I'm only 23 but now I don't feel like I'm making some awful mistake.

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    Simplified and shortend:

    + More variety
    + More safety
    - don't stack

    + More damage for the whole group
    + stack
    - less variety

    So in general I would say 1 LM is a better debuffer than 1 burglar. But 2 burglars are better than 2 LMs...

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    With a burg and a LM as my two 'mains', the points above about debuffs are spot on.

    However I'll throw in a few other similarities/differences off the top of my head that might help your choice (unless you've already gone LM now anyway):

    - AOE: LMs have loads, burgs none (well one, but it sucks)

    - Sneaking into enemy camps: Burgs can stealth straight to the boss, LMs have to fight their way in.

    - Survivability: LMs are not bad but if you get over-whelmed you're toast (but then you have lots of roots/stuns), burgs have TnGo and HiPS which is pretty much guaranteed get-out-of-jail-free.

    - Grouping: As things stand you'll probably get into groups easier as an LM rather than a burg.

    - CC: Both have a mez which can be traited, burg is more of a single-target debuffer, LM more AOE debuffs.

    - Stealing: LMs can't Burgle

    These are all PvE related btw.

    Hope it helps.

    - stride



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