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    Hello new Hunter with a question about end game

    How are Hunters with PvE? I hear that we are not that strong at PVMP at the moment but was hoping someone could help. Also what is our second legenary weapon? I know a bow is one, but what is the other? Lastly what can we bring to a group?

    Thank you so much for reading this post

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    Hunters are just fine in PvE, not brilliant. Raid leaders won't give you the priority over the other dps classes but won't ditch you either.

    Our secondary legendary weapon is a one hand melee one. sword, dagger, spear, etc

    What can we bring to a group? Distant dps. Poison cure (not much asked), a punctual mez (distracting shot on Shadow t2) Tracking skills and campfire regen ( Barad guldur)
    Other than that we are not that much useful.

    As for Pvmp I can't help you.
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    I think end-game Hunter vs PvE is great,depends on the squashy-ness.
    Secondary LI is one-hand melee, as stated above (spear, sword, dagger, club).

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    If you know your class, you have a decent rotation, and you can manage your aggro while spitting out the phat deeps, you'll be fine. The things hunters must beware of are pulling aggro, particularly with AOE, dealing with it when you HAVE pulled (e.g. run back to the tank, pop BN, slow/stun the mob) and having enough vitality and mitigations not to be 1-shotted when things DO go wrong.

    Raw morale is no substitute for vitality and mits. I repeat again, raw morale is no substitute for vitality and mits.
    105s: Aedfrith (HN), Aldnoth (CP), Brai (RK), Hrolfdan (MN), Aeldfryd (WD), Morriarty (CH), Aednoth (LM), Mishhar (BR), Hraldan (GR), Rummbold (BG). Tinies - Rumbelina (MN), Aenghus (CP)
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