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I don't enjoy doing any of this... I can handle LI swapping because I'd rather be able to get the benefits of the junk i'm swapping in rather than give up something else... Armor sets is pretty silly, though.. And it's starting to apply to every class i play.
I agree with you. I do it for the effectiveness, but I think it takes an element out of the game where you have to make those critical decisions of "do I want to use this for healing because I think we might be lacking or the DPS boost." When there are no interesting decisions to be made I think it can get stale. I think making interesting, meaningful decisions increases gameplay.

I remember before the stat consolidation how fun it was to figure out captain jewelry because you had all these competing interests on gear - will for power/heals, might for dps/efficient farming, etc. Now your gearing is not nearly as interesting (in my opinion) because you only look at high might pieces. It was interesting because you had to make meaningful choices.

I don't think they'll touch gear-swapping...but it'd be nice if they at least acknowledge it may not be a part of the game that is particularly fun. Especially captain that has an overabundance of gear-swapping necessary due to situational buffs.