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    Quote Originally Posted by furtim View Post
    Have you actually tried Captain tanking lately, though? Survivability is not the issue it has. Threat is, in a big way.
    I gotta agree with this. My morale pool is a little lower than it should be (15.5k last time I checked) but do to a combination of Shield Brother (the extra 15% inc healing brings me to roughly 35%, and I take 25% less damage every 25 seconds out of a minute), some small self-heals, and BPE that's only slightly lower than a guard (can't get my block or parry as high, but my evade isn't as &&&&&& like guards' evade tends to be) I'm pretty hard to kill. I wouldn't mind a 4x vit multiplier on one of our trait bonuses (4 deep or capstone) but I think that's really all we need for survivability.

    The focus definitely needs to be on aggro, since the same mini who heals me (via red traited Harmony stance) through most of the instances I tank (and states that I'm super easy to heal) also tends to pull at least one mob per trash pull, to say nothing of the people who are fully DPS traited and actually on DPS classes. Not much of a way around that unless we sat waiting around in between trash pulls to wait for my force taunt to come up every time (way too much reliance on the force taunts for cappy tanking, I've noticed).
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