First of all welcome to the Captain RockX, I hope you will quickly figure out that the majority of Captains are very reasonable consumers of the class and you will find few people wishing for true paradigm shifting changes.
With that in mind, I hope you take any complaints very seriously as some have been around for 6 years, and nothing would make us happier than finally seeing these issues resolved.
So I hope, that finally we can have an actual dialogue with our Captain dev to find out where Turbine wants to go with the class, what the limits of our wishes should be.

To that end, my first request, please please please, more communication, I don't think any of us need Orion-esque levels of posting, but a couple of posts a week in which you share your ideas, it would go such a long way.
This community is full of good ideas but there is almost no direction to them at the moment.

As you can see by the thread I started, keeping this down to 3 issues will be difficult, so I will just go with some broad strokes.

1. DPS and levelling/soloing
Now I post these together because quite frankly they have a lot in common. At the moment the Captain at higher levels is a more than decent solo class, it has some self healing, decent DPS thanks to blade-brother and more than enough survivability. However the way the acquisition of skills throughout the levels is laid out now most of the boosts to soloing come at a later level. If you go to the systems guys and ask them what level the majority of Captains are, I think you will find two peaks, one at max level, and one around 30. That is because most people become disillusioned with the Captain around this level. When other classes start to come into their own and acquire the stronger of their bread and butter skills the Captains DPS seems to stagnate at this point it creates a wall most people do not bother punching through, they feel it simply takes them too long to kill anything. The worst of it is, this wall has been there since the launch of the game, and has never been looked at. At the very least you should look at shifting skills around so that solo oriented skills and abilities are available at earlier levels.
Of course this ties in with another overall problem that we have, that problem is low DPS and it was caused by one simple change to the game:


Before the Weapon speed change our DPS came from big crits on slower attack speed weapons, halberds were the slowest weapons available which meshed perfectly with skill like Devastating blow with a large crit damage.
But then weapon speed was changed and our skills weren't, and while other classes were buffed up with the notion of "everyone should have DPS for soloing" the Captain stayed behind and drifted to the bottom of the pack.
Now RockX, if you tell us here and now that it is Turbine's intention that the Captain class, even when building for DPS, should be the lowest DPSer in the game, I and many with me will never mention it again.
If that is not the case however, a solution (long overdue) must be found to bring us back to the middle of the pack. For gods sake, we should be able to hit harder than a guy in pyjamas wielding a lute!!!
Many solutions are being suggested, personally I would like to see our big crits come back. When my Lm friend tells me his 3s CD ranged skill can crit for almost 10k and my hardest hitting skill with all buffs barely makes 7k (a rarity I might add) then i feel something is amiss, don't you?

2. Banners and Heralds
Early on in the game the devs saw that pets were quite squishy in group content, and when the pets died the Captain's buffs went away, and that was not exactly fair. Enter the Banners, a good solution at the time, but after many changes to the game's core mechanics and inflation on stats it is time for a thorough revision.
The problem boils down to the fact that getting out a herald in most cases does not justify the loss of stats from unslotting the banners. The banner captain-only buffs, I might add, are not a luxury either.
Now there are a lot of ways to tackle the problem, and again, a lot of good suggestions have gone before this post. I think more important is to look at the end result of any revamp.
In my opinion a banner herald revamp should:
1. Make the herald viable for group play
2. Re-evaluate the value of the current banner/herald buffs and all associated traits.
3. Revamp the way herald cosmetics are applied
4. Make choice between different heralds significant

3. Legacies
Really not a lot too say beyond what has already been said, buffsticks and buff emblems are unfun is what it comes down to, if you read the suggestion thread you already read my ideas on redistributing the legacies in a fair way.

So it's late and for now that's all I really needed to say, hope some of this resonates.