Hello Captains!

So, after many discussions (and many nerf gun battles) I have taken on the mantle of Captain Dev!
This is something I'm very excited for, as I feel the Captain has a great deal of potential available to try and make the class really shine in its chosen roles. There's quite a lot I like about the Captain and what it has to offer.

Now, I've noticed there's a very nicely written thread already going on suggestions for the Captain Dev, with some very good suggestions already included. At this time though, I'd like to have the discussion move over into here, where we can attempt to focus it a little bit more.

Please keep in mind a few things:

Let's try to keep this restricted to the top 3 things about the class you'd like to see change. These changes can be as large or small as you'd like -- everything is up for discussion at this point in time.

Please try to give me the 'why' you think something should change. As an example, just telling me 'my DPS is too low' isn't as helpful as 'my DPS is low because my key DPS skills don't seem to progress well from 65-85, or I only have a limited DPS rotation when I don't have a defeat event active'

Let's try to keep this constructive. Flaming will do you, and the class, absolutely no good.