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    Mar 2008

    Riches Greed and Glory

    I'm looking to set up schedualed arrangements for 1v1 spars, with a agreed reward settled between myself and my opponent. Simply send me a mail through this forums, or respond to the thread if your interested. We can agree on whats "allowed" and "not allowed". We can determine what the winner will aquire from the other combatant, and our date/time of the spar. I hope others take the opportunity to join in on this and set up spars the same sort of way. With this said, please no dissrespect if you make an offer and your potential opponent doesn't want to agree to your terms. No name calling, no QQ. Just simply debate, or come up with a new offer. The rewards can be anything thats verbally agreed between the two. Please remain honorable and follow through on agreed rewards if you lose. Not everyone has a compatiable game time scheduale so please work with each other on when, and where on the moors map. Be detailed when agreeing on rules of the spar, and also lets include 2v1, and things of that nature. Send me tells/mails if interested.

    This might not work out the way I hope... but maybe it might.

    Some Uruks rank so slow it would impress the Ents themselves.

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    Mar 2007
    Challenger: Morthil
    Opponent: Loaf
    When: Recess
    Where: Behind the gym
    Stipulations: Loser gives up their lunch money and gets their underpants raised on the flag post
    [B][COLOR=#800000][SIZE=2]The spider formerly known as Morthil[/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=#e6e6fa][SIZE=2]
    Arkenstone[/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=#800000][SIZE=2] - Grishlath [/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=#800000][SIZE=2]
    [/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=#e6e6fa][SIZE=2]Landroval[/SIZE][/COLOR][COLOR=#800000][SIZE=2] - Xenisthis, Raivotar, Skarsgoth, Shaplash
    Primordial Darkness - The One Man Solo Tribe

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    Sep 2010
    Challenger: Zanwic
    Opponent: Grishlark
    When: Talk to me
    Where: Old SOP
    Reward: Glory, and the satisfaction of a settled argument.
    Rules: No brand or store boughts (morale/power/stun pots)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeofPurity View Post
    Challenger: Morthil
    Opponent: Loaf
    When: Recess
    Where: Behind the gym
    Stipulations: Loser gives up their lunch money and gets their underpants raised on the flag post
    I want to see a pic of this after it has taken place. Or it didn't happen!

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    Apr 2007
    Hiding in Keeps
    Challenger: Vajey
    Opponent: Anyone around R5-8
    Time: Contact me ingame or PM
    Where: SOP
    Reward: TBD
    Rules: Anything goes as far as I am concerned. Just brought my Champ over and haven't played him much since Moria, so just looking to get back in the "Swing" of things.
    ~R7 Guardian. R7 Burglar. R6 Captain. R7 Champion.~
    ~R11 WarLeader Sexpanther, Unhallowed.~

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    Jan 2008
    Memphis, TN
    Challenger: Grushmun
    Opponent: Zanwic
    When: WHenever
    Where: Old SoP
    Reward: I simply want to see how much you've improved, keep hearing that you have. If you win well, bragging rights?
    Rules: If its a skill, use it.

    Grushmun-1 - Rank 13 Reaver, Bayoneta-1 Rank 10 LM, Bayoneta-2 Rank 9 Hunt, Halindale-2 Rank 9 Capt.

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    Challenger: Orpheaus
    Opponent: Anyone
    When: Whenever
    Where: Old SOP
    Reward: Bragging Rights and 5 freep gold if you win.
    Rules: No store boughts.

    Side note: If any defilers want to spar ideally we wouldn't use power pots on either side to keep it from going til doomsday. But that can be arranged.

    (Retired) Arkenstone: Immanitas R12 Burg, Gorbat R12 Reaver, Sueahpro R11 Mini, Falsified R9 RK, -The Blood Hand
    Crickhollow: Orphluk R9 Warg, Orphelun-1 R8 RK. -The Blood Hand.



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