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    Jun 2008

    What the muthaflippin?

    I was going to post some witty comments, but don't have time now, because I seem to randomly time out from being logged in, whilst i'm in the middle of typing, despite auto-saves, and frequently previewing posts to keep the page active. This happens WAY too frequently.

    Sorry mods/devs/whoever, i'm not a man of few words, and my posts take time to formulate and polish.

    So what I would like to know is......What are the parameters for staying logged in to these boards, or better yet, for spontaneously logging me out, so I can try to avoid them. Or is it just another completely random mechanic like so many other aspects of this game?

    I'm tired of losing time. :/

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    Jun 2009
    northwest USA
    The random logging out of the forums is tiresome.
    You could always type up a reply in a word document or it's equivalent, then cut and paste.

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    Yeah. It's annoying. I wish they wou
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    oh good, I actually thought only I had that problem
    Trait trees have ruined the game



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