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Burgs are generally a good DPS class. And there are plenty of suggestions here about how that might be improved. But my biggest gripe with Burg DPS is that you really have to game the system to do it right. For other classes, you might take advantage of behind the scene mechanics to eek out the last 10% of DPS and that's probably fine. But for burglars, it seems like there a complete step change between the burgs who know how to game the system and those who don't. And I think this is a problem.

When you read the burg forums about maximizing DPS, it's full of advice like this:
1) If you Aim right before using Flashing Blades, and then quickly click Surprise Strike, you can get a crit for both.
2) Never use Flashing Blades, except as outlined above, or if you have Addle up to cut off the animation.
3) Never use two "melee" skills in a row. The delay between them is too long. Always follow a "melee" skill with a "fast" skill and you can squeeze in more skills per unit time.

In my mind, none of these dynamics are transparent. They all involve taking advantage of behind the scenes game mechanics. And in my book, the problem with the burg is that the proper gaming of these dynamics is much more important for good DPS than for any class.

My dream is that a reasonable player should be able to read tool tips, select good legacies, and work out a reasonable skill rotation based on information that is out in the open. It shouldn't require living on the forums, cutting off animations that are too long to begin with, or figuring out how to game some hidden delay between skills that isn't described anywhere. I know that the super hard-core will always be out there optimizing game mechanics for the last 10% of the DPS, and that's fine. I just don't like it when it amounts to the last 40-50% of the DPS and not the last 10%.

So, is there a system that would keep the DPS the same, but make the dynamics for achieving that DPS a little more open and transparent?
This is a fantastic post, and very spot on with some issues with the burglar class. It feels like once they put the combat system changes in with Mirkwood, the burglars who knew "the tricks" were coming in a bit over the top... but instead of going through the work of sorting out the issues with the combat system and animation lengths, these "tricks" have just become "the way things are done" and the damage output of the burglar is balanced around using some awkward kludges to cut through animations and delays that don't serve any purpose at this point.