Hey all,

I said there would be a formal post, so here it is!

I’m your new Burglar dev and I wanted to say ‘Hello’ and get a discussion started on the topic of the Revamp you’ve heard about.

The twitter chats are great for giving tidbits of information, but obviously leave a lot the imagination. Everyone will draw their own conclusions from our 140 character answers, but I do want to ease some fears that we’re going to outright take your utility away.
It’s true, we want to reduce homogenization… but that is so we can make the unique elements of the class more exciting (without enter face-rolling territory). That being said, we don’t want to take away your ability to be a utility-generalist class (especially if that is the core design).

Okay… with all that said, let’s get to the point. I’d like this thread to be about the top 3 things you’d most like to see changed about the Burglar. These can be sweeping changes, like more control over my Gambles, or small-focused changes, like alterations to specific skills or rotations.

I’d like to avoid the snarky comments/suggestions as that just slows the process down. So please, avoid posting things like:
“Have you read anything I’ve posted in the last year?!”
“What’s the point? Not like you’ll listen!”

I want you to be honest and critical, but stay on topic and come at this with a desire to see real change.