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    Burglar moors trait

    So just curious what do most of you roll with in the moors if your solo currently I like gambler but ive also seen a few knifes never any mischief but anyway im curious o.O

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    I'm a QK burglar, always have been. I've tried out Gambler and I love it even more than QK, but I don't want to go to the trouble of re-grinding my LI's.

    Anyways, my class traits and virtues are as follows. I usually switch out the last one depending on the situation.

    Quite Knife Trait-line:

    Strategic Planning
    Focused Eye
    Cunning Wound
    Hidden Dagger

    The Gambler Trait-line:


    The Mischief-Maker Trait-line:

    Trickster or Blind Fury

    If I know there's a lot of warg packs about, I keep Trickster in so I can deal with them. If I know there's quite a few BA's about though, I switch in Blind Fury just to make their life that much harder.

    Now for my virtues. I slot the virtues which give me the most survivability, ie mitigation's, morale, etc. The stat boosts from virtues are really too small in my opinion to be worth slotting over mitigation or morale virtues. Again, this is all my opinion, and I am far from the best or most knowledgeable burglar out there.



    These are my virtues, which are favouring mitigation's and morale. More specifically though, tactical mitigation's. I have been considering switching out Valour for Honour or maybe Compassion. Anywho, these are the class traits/virtues I currently have in my build. Feel free to build upon it or completely ignore it.

    And all you other Burglars, feel free to give me suggestions and stuff, they're always welcome.
    Shock and Awe

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    I'm a former QT burg now Gambler so here are my traits for Gambler.

    5 Gambler
    Cruel Odds, Footpad, Honed Wit, Leaf-Walker, and Side-Step.
    1 Quiet knife
    1 Mischief-maker
    I either put Perplexing riddle which is 35% daze with 100% break chance on damage after 5s or Trickster. I normally trait Perplexing Riddle for 1v1s and Trickster which targets three people with dust in the eyes if there is a group (Use dust in the eyes with trickster and then Startling twist and you have three guys stunned and possibly three damaging gambles.)

    I'm not the best Gambler on my server but I hold my own in a fight. I hope this has helped and I take all suggestions.
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    I would also like to say that Mischief is kind of cool in pvp but it can be hard! But you get a ton of stuns!
    Aldrest R11 Burglar
    Motharan R6 Guardian
    Tormoth R4 Captain
    Langlegion Warden

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    I'm nearly traiting the same way as ry5555 except that I'm running with both, Trickster and Perplexing Riddle. 2 yellow also grants - resist on trick removals, very handy for gambler.
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    5 blue 2 yellow, I have link to it in my signature.
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