I think an important thing to note is that hunters aren't bad as such. Yes some improvements are needed, but generally the hunters are ok. The great problem is every other class in comparison. Burglars can do similar single target dps AND add +10% dps from every other member of a team raid, and on top of that they have several useful survival skills (mischievous glee, knifes out, touch and go) and debuffs on top of that.
Champions have massive dps too and have AoE damage as well as heavy armor and big bubbles, on top of that, they seem to have better aggro management than hunters. (dps parses between a tank and a champ as well as a hunter reveals that the hunter draws aggro at lowest dps)
Rune keepers have instant-cast burst dps, and can do healing too when needed (I know they can't do both effectively at the same time, but being able to switch to healing when things start going wrong is an advantage). Because of their heals and survival skills (armor of storm comes to mind. I do not play an rk, but I've fought a fair few rks and hunters in Ettens as well as raiding with an rk) rks too have better survivability along with great dps.

These are the 3 classes that a hunter has to compete with in raids for dps spots. I would rather not have hunters be overpowered but truth is that with our competition overpowered, it might be necessary. I'm lucky enough to have a great kin that takes me along to raids, but having done a lot of pugs too, I know full well the frustration as an rk/champ/burg is picked over a hunter for dps.

The same thing shows in Ettens too. Hunters have ok damage but fewer survivability skills than the other classes, which means that any monster player will take down the hunter first. It goes faster and you know they will deal a lot of damage if left alive. If the other classes were more on par with hunter in survivability (assuming all in full dps trait that is), hunters would automatically have an easier time in Ettens due to less specific targetting. (let's face it, if you're playing a monster, you pick on the easiest class to take down first. Guilty of doing it myself on my warg)