1) Collaboration of similar legacies:
Such as the power cost reductions and critical multipliers; can these both be collaborated into two respective legacies that affect all power costs and critical multipliers? It only makes sense since other classes have legacies which cover all critical multipliers into one legacy.

2) Legendary Traits
Some of them have lost their status; could you make them legendary again:
  • Press Onward: Unscaled since it was introduced, and the induction is painful. Similarly, the recent power nerf has made its usage quite low, so in retrospect, you could remove the induction as well.
  • Bow of the Righteous: Before U10 it was such a small number, but with U10 it will now be obsolete. Could you possibly make this a percentage of power return? Or even easier: make it a percentage reduction of all ranged skills - easier isn't it?

3) Trapper of Foes
This is the only other thing I see the Hunter's require a change to (Other than the possibility of further survivability through something other than a bubble or heal), this trait line needs to be buffed or completely revamped. There are numerous suggestions for a revamp to this trait line, but any revamp would put this line in a better place than it currently stands.

Whatever revamp you do to the class, as long as it is a reasonable one that has taken into account most of our suggestions for the past two years, I, and others I am sure, will be happier with the class.