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    Once reaching 85...

    As this is my first post, firstly, i'd just like to say Hi, I'm Jake, a level 85 hobbit hunter on the Eldar server. Feel free to add me to your list, and ask me to help with runs/raids etc, i'm almost always online.

    I've recently hit level 85, and i'm now starting to build up my character to make him end game worthy.

    Would anyone be able to point me towards the right direction with traits/legacies/relics/etc.

    All help would be much appreciated


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    I guess Ill offer 2 simple things:

    1. decide if your going to PvP: if you are then your going to need to 5 blue, critical eye and heightened senses. Youre always going to want to keep fleetness up if you can, it makes a huge difference unless you know your going to be in a big raid then by all means go DPS if you have heals....

    2. First thing I do at level cap is look back through my region deed list (I cant remember where it is on the charecter panel) and look to see if any slayer deeds are close to done. If they are I go and finish them even if I dont use the trait.

    Good luck

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    Most of the legacies are a simple pick;

    bow- crit multipliers both, power reduce if you struggle with power management.
    melee- needfull haste is a must, beneath notice can help, i use the agile rejoiner heal one too.

    HS legacy sounds tempting and if you purely solo its fine, just you only should really use it to open a fight and you shouldn't use this to open a fight in a group unless you can solo the mob ie. often wont get used at all.

    I would look at the lorebook section on leg items there's a big list of them and the choices are often just common sense and picking up enough items to farm them from.
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    Hunter trait lines are up to you - the ones that seem to be favourite are 5b/2r, 4r/3b, 4b/3r or for moors 5b/1r/1y or 5b/2y.

    Don't worry too much about gear until U10 hits - but DO invest in Hytbold armour, probably 4+2 or 2+2+2 . Personally I've never liked single-stat jewellery; I wear stuff which benefits multiple stats, and prioritise vit over raw morale for the mitigation and ICMR benefits even in PvE mode.

    Legacies - based on Update 9 and my particular build. I'm a precision/fleetness crit focus monkey (5b/2r) who likes to spam short inductions and fast focus shots, and has the two AOE rain of arrows spam traits.

    MUST have: +induction and focus crit, -focus power.
    4th major: -induction power or +quick shot crit.
    Minors: +barbed arrow bleed, agi stat, fate stat, vit stat.

    MUST have: +precision crit multiplier, +AOE targets.
    Others: +needful haste, -beneath notice, +agile rejoinder heal, -press onward, +power from intent concentration.

    A lot of hunters go for dev mag relics (Settings of Endings). However, in line for the nerf to crit in Update 10 I've been stacking stuff with raw crit rating on it.

    I'd also note that the True Setting of the North (330 morale, 646 crit, and ~1500 inc healing rating) gives not only useful crit but a huge boost to survivability. I've put two of them on, and now with the maxed legacy, my Agile Rejoinder heals for 388 a tick (more when it crits).
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